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The business ofBusiness Insurance

Whether you have just served your first customer or you have been in your business for many years, you have put a lot of time and effort into building your business. Don’t risk wasting all this effort by not protecting your business assets from unexpected events. No matter how much you plan and prepare for things sometimes there are circumstances that are out of your control (hello tsunami, we haven’t met before?!) and you need to ensure you have a plan to protect your business today to ensure you’ll be in business tomorrow.

Business Insurance can provide financial cover for your business, including the premises and contents, against loss, damage or theft as well as cover against any resulting financial loss from an insured interruption to the business. The type of cover and amount will depend on the nature of your business and what areas you think you are the riskiest for you. Pick and choose the cover options that suit you best. And you can include Public Liability Insurance to ensure you are not financially responsible for the costs of a legal claim should a third party get injured or suffer property damage whilst you are doing business.

Tell me what’s included?

A) Material damage loss

B) Financial Loss

What is typically not covered?

Get the Insurance coverThat is right for your business

Your business may be considered ‘small’ but it’s big to you and big to us. That’s why we want to make sure you have the right protection. We offer various cover options to suit a variety of businesses.  Take a few minutes to consider some of the following risk areas and think about which ones impact you and how much cover your business would need should things not quite go to plan.

Our Business Insurance Reviews

J Dunkley 2016-06-09 Began setting up a new business which required Public Liability requirements and BizCover's advice, interest and promptness in getting us the best price was exceptional. Thanks George. 5
L Winn 2016-06-08 The call I got was brilliant and very helpful they fulfilled my request quickly and i had it all sorted in just a couple of minutes and cheaper than i had originally seen. 5
C Halloran 2016-06-08 I found the staff that I dealt with was very helpful and provided great assistance. 5
S Mathew 2016-06-07 The consultant I spoke was very Good. He knew the exact requirement and responded well. 5
G Blackley 2016-06-07 Easy, efficient, effective and thorough with ease of time, thanks,. 5
J Markovski 2016-06-07 Precise and quick service. Competstive quote on pi and pl insurances. 5
D Martin 2016-06-07 Requested increase to my Public Liability policy and were quoted the premium increase within 10 seconds and the new policy was in my email inbox within 1 minute of the transaction. Great service. 5
S JOHNSTON 2016-06-07 Super easy to apply for the right policy and make payment.. highly recommend as it was instant and painless. 5
N Sharp 2016-06-02 quick and easy 5
T Martin 2016-06-02 The price was competitive and I got answers to my questions regarding the insurance 4
P Barbone 2016-06-02 Fantastic team work 5
V Parfitt 2016-06-01 Extremely helpful and well prided 5
H McGowan 2016-06-01 Great service and the cheapest price I could find. 5
B Diquattro 2016-06-01 Clear communication 5
J Olsen 2016-05-28 Glad to be able to make my selections online. 5
J Connor 2016-05-25 Awesome, quick and fast 5
W Chu 2016-05-19 The ability to not only compare instantly but then purchase online was fantastic and the difference with the other platforms in the marketplace. 5
G Visser 2016-05-19 All OK 4
C Algreen-Ussing 2016-05-18 ? 4
D Lee 2016-05-18 Service was good in the begining. Assistant provided a cheap option for us and I told him we would need to discuss it over night. He called back early and my partner was stiil not home. I then had to call back 2 on the following day to complete the transaction. First call I left a message for the assistant to call back in the morning. Call not returned. I the called back around 6pm to complete the transaction. 4
L Garbellini 2016-05-14 quick and easy to renew my cover 5
G Birdsall 2016-05-11 easy to use and good prices thanks 5
R Major 2016-05-11 Very helpful and their Public Liability covered everything I needed for my Business at a Competitive Price. 5
K Faccio 2016-05-11 I had no phone contact with BIZCOVER I simply emailed them my change of address and they were very prompt to respond with an email to acknowledge me notifying them. 4
M Ingram 2016-05-10 very good service thank you 5
C Harman 2016-05-10 Very friendly and quick to fix any misunderstandings excellent people to deal with 5
C Sheridan 2016-05-10 Easy and quick. Good process. 5
M stoveld 2016-05-10 Good service Ive never had to make a claim and hope I never have to. In saying that I would like to see premiums reduced every year if claims are not made Overall they are reasonable. 4
S Wilson 2016-05-05 the service gave me a great price and i the customer service person was extremely helpful 5
S Burgess 2016-05-04 Good service 4
M Nicholls 2016-05-04 Simple,effective, easy to understand and complete. 5
J Mitchell 2016-05-04 Very helpful 5
P Kennison 2016-05-04 Simple as joining online and efficient 5
M Hughes 2016-04-26 The man I spoke to was very friendly and helpful. 4
C Phillips 2016-04-26 Simply a renewal 4
M Coleman 2016-04-26 Have insured through BizCover a few times now and always found them to be very helpful and great with price. 5
J Lilley 2016-04-26 Very good 4
s ltd 2016-04-26 Nice service and good costumer service 5
M McGlenchy 2016-04-22 Hassle free, prompt, I am extremely busy and time poor so this service suited my needs. 5
A Mangla 2016-04-21 Service, dealing and price was excellent. 5
H Abdelnour 2016-04-21 Easy to talk to, informative and professional. 5
R Bald 2016-04-21 Very easy to use website which made the whole process simple. Very impressed 5
K Scott 2016-04-21 Easy to navigate, and easy to use. 5
I Buhler 2016-04-20 All good 4
D Killin 2016-04-20 BizCover are cheap but responsive - just what I was looking for. I will continue to use BizCover in the future for my PI & PL insurance. 5
A Carson 2016-04-20 Super easy, super convenient and reliable insurance- with no fuss. 5
K Butler 2016-04-20 Great and affordable service with immediate response 5
P Hellawell 2016-04-20 The best online quotation system I could find. Quick turnaround. 5
J Olsen 2016-04-13 I was very pleased to find BizCover online a year ago and was able to get all of the new business insurance coverage that I needed at a reasonable price. I've just done the entire renewal online. Quick and simple. 5
J Bayles 2016-04-12 Nice and easy made things easy to work out 5
C Algeo 2016-04-12 Fast, professional and very helpful service. 5
A Poke 2016-04-12 I hope I may never need to make a claim however my initial impression is excellent. 5
S Martin 2016-04-12 Took the time to explain everything in detail and made good recommendations. I definitely recommend BizCover. 5
J Codling 2016-03-17 excellent service and very happy with the quote i received and accepted 5
A Gilham 2016-03-16 A quick and painless process for a basic insurance...just the way it should be! 5
G Ugarte 2016-03-16 Easy and convenient 5
S blackledge 2016-03-16 Great and easy to deal with. 5
J Francisco 2016-02-05 In all my attempts to implore public liability insurance in the past. biz cover was simple & easy. By far the best experiance I have had with obtaining insurance 5
H hall 2016-02-05 easy, clear, efficient, quick. 5
F Antonopoulos 2016-01-23 Fantastic that an email came through to renew. I just had to check details, confit and pay. Too easy! Didn't have to chase up anything or even remember. Fantastic. Thank you. 5
S Shaw 2016-01-23 Happy with service. However have been charged twice pending a refund on 2nd payment. 5
S Bergin 2016-01-22 Great Value considering their competition. Easy to use & update! 5
J Chamberlain 2015-12-17 Service provided was excellent & helpful 5
S Sayem 2015-12-17 I would recommend biz cover and will buy from them again. Easy to use online system. Different options were displayed for comparison. 4
G Chapple 2015-12-15 Very efficient, no fuss service. 5
V McJannett 2015-12-15 I have 2 business insurances with Biz Cover, the online renewal and payment system is great, never have any problems with it. Yes I would recommend and yes I will purchase again. 5
D Anderson 2015-12-15 Quick and easy transactions, no problems whatsoever I would recommend Bizcover to friends and colleagues. I owuld buy from them again. 5
N Spicer 2015-12-15 all good and would recommend to others 5
L Talbot 2015-12-15 fast and easy to use 5
K Hurley 2015-12-15 Very quick and Easy, Quote I went with was $300 cheaper than quotes I received external to BizCover 5
J Faoagali 2015-10-23 Great to talk to a real person to get real time information Web site easy to use Good and timely information supplied 5
J Koo 2015-10-22 I am happy with thier service. 4
G Dong 2015-10-22 convenient easy 5
A Knocker 2015-10-22 Hi I ran both an online query and a phone query and was given precise details of account and in a very clear and professional manner 5
M Nanclares 2015-09-18 Mostly liked it. Fast and convenient. But would allow the cancellations to be online. At least the same day as you open the policy. 4
V Swift 2015-09-18 Absolutely wonderful service. Could not possibly be more helpful in finding exactly what we needed. 5
S Scarborough 2015-08-30 Extremely happy with the Immediate response and organised coverage I would recommend them to anyone 5
E Lennon 2015-08-28 I had to get public liability and professional indemnity insurance for my consultancy. I sorted the PL insurance by using the sites comparison table and got a great deal for less than $300. The PI insurance was harder so I got to talk with one of the guys [called Guy!] and he was brilliant. I got a great deal and it was all done quickly. Totally recommend Biz Cover for clear information, excellent customer service and the best insurance deals. I'll use them again next year. 5
P Kokic 2015-08-28 Efficient service and the prices of the policies are excellent 5
S Beattie 2015-08-28 Great service, all very easy. 5
H Tran 2015-08-28 I would like to recommend BIZCOVER services to all people. I'm very happy with BIZCOVER services, it's very past and easy I can do on line it saved money and my times.Thanks to BIZCOVER ! 5
L Shi 2015-08-27 Excellent and efficient service 5
S Mannino 2015-08-27 ness Office Pack Insurance - excellent advice, help & customer service - and pricing great 5
D Turner 2015-08-27 Renewing was a very easy event, with a fair proposal from Bizcover. My dealings with Bizcover have been upfront and quick. 5
L Glanfield 2015-08-27 Extremely easy to identify nature of comparative cover and pricing and fairly straightforward transaction process. 5
P Smith 2015-08-27 Great service from start to finish 5
K Yeoward 2015-08-27 Very good 5
L Walls 2015-06-30 easy to renew and good price 5
A Templeman 2015-06-27 excellent, easy to use with a great layout. 5
R Flemons 2015-06-24 very good service and a great facility 5
W Parata 2015-06-18 I found your service very professional and informative. The response was prompt and and details clear.I would recommend you service to others. 5
G Santiago 2015-06-18 Quick easy affordable 5
H Bishop 2015-06-18 Great service. 5
T Hopgood 2015-06-18 Helpful when setting up, instant receipt of documents, easy to update online...couldn't ask for more! 5
P Lester 2015-06-18 Simple, easy on line renewal. fast confirmation via email. 5
J Cleary 2015-06-18 Excellent 5
A Mendiratta 2015-06-18 BizCover provided the best solution for my business. It was very quick and no need to answer hell lot of questions and fill the forms. 5
S Northover 2015-06-18 Service was really good Very easy to complete 5
J Harrison 2015-06-18 Really quick and easy to use plus good price 5
J Schloss 2015-06-18 Prompt and efficient. 5
M DeLeon 2015-06-18 Good 5
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