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Remind me again, whatprotection will Business Insurance  provide?

Business Insurance protects your business, including the premises and contents against loss, damage or theft. There are many different types of Business Insurance, each designed to protect different areas of a business’ operation.

A Business Insurance policy can be tailored to protect your business against a variety of different occurrences. It can include:

Building Insurance which covers the physical building against fire and perils.

General Property Insurance which covers against theft and accidental damage of equipment, such as laptops and mobile phones.

Office Contents Insurance which covers against burglary, theft and accidental damage of office equipment, such as chairs, desks and computers.

Public Liability Insurance which covers your business against the legal costs of a claim for injury or damage to the property of others that occurs while you are providing a service, either at your work place or another location.

Glass Insurance which covers the loss or damage to the glass frontage of your premises.

Tax Audit Insurance which covers fees of any accountants engaged in connection to an audit by the Australian Taxation Office.

How BizCover makes buying Business Insurance easier.

We’ve done the hard yards of shopping around so you can get the right Tax Audit cover at the right price, from Australia’s top insurers, instantly online.

Quick & Simple Quotes. Our system can provide you with a quote in moments and if you choose to proceed, connect you with a certificate of insurance in less than 15 minutes!

Award Winning Selection. We’ve worked hard to partner with Australia’s leading insurers to ensure our customers receive the best selection of policies on the market.

Expert Agents at Your Service. We have a specialist call center full of experienced agents ensuring that expert help is only a phone call away.

Our Policies are Flexible. Receive a policy that’s specifically tailored to the needs of your business – nothing more, nothing less.

Trusted by 30,000 Australian businesses.

Our Business Insurance Reviews

S Shaw2016-01-23Happy with service. However have been charged twice pending a refund on 2nd payment.5
F Antonopoulos2016-01-23Fantastic that an email came through to renew. I just had to check details, confit and pay. Too easy! Didn't have to chase up anything or even remember. Fantastic. Thank you.5
S Bergin2016-01-22Great Value considering their competition. Easy to use & update!5
K Hurley2015-12-15Very quick and Easy, Quote I went with was $300 cheaper than quotes I received external to BizCover5
N Spicer2015-12-15all good and would recommend to others5
D Anderson2015-12-15Quick and easy transactions, no problems whatsoever I would recommend Bizcover to friends and colleagues. I owuld buy from them again.5
V McJannett2015-12-15I have 2 business insurances with Biz Cover, the online renewal and payment system is great, never have any problems with it. Yes I would recommend and yes I will purchase again.5
S Sayem2015-12-17I would recommend biz cover and will buy from them again. Easy to use online system. Different options were displayed for comparison.4
G Chapple2015-12-15Very efficient, no fuss service.5
L Talbot2015-12-15fast and easy to use5
J Chamberlain2015-12-17Service provided was excellent & helpful5
J Faoagali2015-10-23Great to talk to a real person to get real time information Web site easy to use Good and timely information supplied5
A Knocker2015-10-22Hi I ran both an online query and a phone query and was given precise details of account and in a very clear and professional manner5
J Koo2015-10-22I am happy with thier service.4
G Dong2015-10-22convenient easy5
M Nanclares2015-09-18Mostly liked it. Fast and convenient. But would allow the cancellations to be online. At least the same day as you open the policy.4
V Swift2015-09-18Absolutely wonderful service. Could not possibly be more helpful in finding exactly what we needed.5
E Lennon2015-08-28I had to get Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance for my consultancy. I sorted the PL insurance by using the sites comparison table and got a great deal for less than $300. The PI insurance was harder so I got to talk with one of the guys [called Guy!] and he was brilliant. I got a great deal and it was all done quickly. Totally recommend Biz Cover for clear information, excellent customer service and the best insurance deals. I'll use them again next year.5
L Glanfield2015-08-27Extremely easy to identify nature of comparative cover and pricing and fairly straightforward transaction process.5
H Tran2015-08-28I would like to recommend BIZCOVER services to all people. I'm very happy with BIZCOVER services, it's very past and easy I can do on line it saved money and my times.Thanks to BIZCOVER !5
P Smith2015-08-27Great service from start to finish5
S Scarborough2015-08-30Extremely happy with the Immediate response and organised coverage I would recommend them to anyone5
P Kokic2015-08-28Efficient service and the prices of the policies are excellent5
D Turner2015-08-27Renewing was a very easy event, with a fair proposal from Bizcover. My dealings with Bizcover have been upfront and quick.5
S Mannino2015-08-27ness Office Pack Insurance - excellent advice, help & customer service - and pricing great5
L Shi2015-08-27Excellent and efficient service5
K Yeoward2015-08-27Very good5
S Beattie2015-08-28Great service, all very easy.5
G Santiago2015-06-18Quick easy affordable5
J Schloss2015-06-18Prompt and efficient.5
J Cleary2015-06-18Excellent5
R Flemons2015-06-24very good service and a great facility5
P Lester2015-06-18Simple, easy on line renewal. fast confirmation via email.5
H Bishop2015-06-18Great service.5
T Hopgood2015-06-18Helpful when setting up, instant receipt of documents, easy to update online...couldn't ask for more!5
L Walls2015-06-30easy to renew and good price5
M DeLeon2015-06-18Good5
A Mendiratta2015-06-18BizCover provided the best solution for my business. It was very quick and no need to answer hell lot of questions and fill the forms.5
J Harrison2015-06-18Really quick and easy to use plus good price5
A Templeman2015-06-27excellent, easy to use with a great layout.5
W Parata2015-06-18I found your service very professional and informative. The response was prompt and and details clear.I would recommend you service to others.5
S Northover2015-06-18Service was really good Very easy to complete5
T Roberts2015-04-27Very fast transaction, easy to use5
A Reeves2015-04-27Fast no fuss comparison and easy execution5
S Brooker2015-04-27The chap I spoke with (Andrew) was friendly and efficient. Got what I was asking and responded quickly by email.5
M Colli2015-04-27Easy to use. Fast quote and able to purchase quickly with no fuss.5
D Gray2015-04-27not a problem at all .easy to fill out forms etc ,easy to get quotes easy to the end5
M Pryn2015-04-27Great system - easy to use. Great for small businesses like mine. Thankyou5
J Bills2015-04-27Straightforward to adjust minor policy cover - well done5
J Rayment2015-04-27Very easy to work with.5
R Douglas2015-04-27Quick and easy5
J Barratt2015-05-06Prompt efficient service with competitive premiums.5
R Crellin2015-03-17I found the whole process very smooth and I purchased a product superior to the one I was replacing. Great.5
H Crawford2015-03-17no comment required5
V Reeves2015-03-18the quoting system was excellent and the options to choose between the cover you need was superb. Your price came in below the industry ""special"" provided by the franchise I am involved by a significant amount. Thank You.4
J Pepper2015-03-17Great service and terrific rates thank you.5
K Rushforth2015-03-18Great service easy to renew and documentation received in a timely manner5
P Cooke2015-03-17Great Service. Easy to use.5
J Mahoney2015-03-23Fantastic friendly service5
M Dodd2015-03-17Fast efficient service.5
H Fletcher2015-03-17Was easy to use and very helpful.5
E Duchesne2015-03-17Service and advice was very professional and informative5
R Hyatt2015-03-17Quick and simple.4
P Bugler2015-03-17Very easy to renew my policy through the website.5
M Olaes2015-03-23Great service, prompt follow up, and happy with the overall result. Do you offer WorkCover insurance as well or does this need to be purchased through WorkCover Victoria?5
C PARSONS2015-03-17Very Quick and Afortable price5
M Perkins2015-03-17prompt efficient5
R McIntyre2015-03-18Initially quote and service were quite good, there was no follow up contact as requested, subsequently used the quote to pay for policy.4
M Heffernan2015-03-17I found the online experience and response very satisfying. There was no delay and the business requirement was filled quickly which is what I required at that time.5
B McDonald2015-03-17Thanks - great help in choosing policies5
S Schnittger2015-03-17Fast & practical5
C Howe2015-03-17As always excellent service from sales staff. However I was required to ring after having no reply to an online request after 4 days.5
G Royce2015-03-17Always an easy transaction each year5
M Allen2015-03-17Fast and effective5
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