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Why do Real Estate Agents need it? 

Just because the property market is unpredictable doesn’t mean your insurance needs to be too. With BizCover you can get multiple competitive quotes from some of the best insurers on the block with just a few clicks or a single phone call. Select your preferred policy and you’ll be covered instantly – now that’s a sound investment!

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Insurance for
Real Estate Agents

Professional Indemnity

Are the details accurate? Is the property valued correctly? Is that your opinion or a statement of fact? For Real Estate Agents, Professional Indemnity insurance provides essential financial protection against potential losses arising out of acts, errors and omissions from professional services provided, including:

Buying or selling property is a complex process, which is what your clients pay you for. Therefore, the service you provide must be of a higher standard than the average man in the street. Putting some risk management in place will ensure your reputation doesn’t go under the hammer should something go wrong.

Public Liability

It’s most likely that you have an office where your clients visit and you also visit their home or a property that they own. Public Liability insurance will protect you from financial losses arising from a claim of 3rd party accidental damage or injury resulting from you going about your business – whether it be in your office or at a client site.  After all you don’t want anyone bidding on your worth do you?

Business Insurance

If any of the following circumstances relate to your business then you should consider Business Insurance to ensure you are adequately protected:

Cyber Insurance

Consider the client data you are storing and the implication on your business if there was a breach of confidentiality by being hacked and your data stolen. Ensure your business is covered against the expense and legal costs associated with data breaches before your data is going once, going twice….. gone!

Claims Examples

A bird-dog agent

An agent deliberately sold a couple’s home for significantly under the property’s value to an investor whom she knew. Six months later the investor on-sold the property through the same agent to an overseas buyer making a significant profit. The couple who were the original owners of the home successfully sued the agent for $1 million for not revealing that she knew the investor often purchased properties to resell at a profit, and for not disclosing her previous involvement in several of his previous purchase and resales.

Real Estate ransom

A real estate had a ransomware virus enter their computer system where the hacker demanded a payment of US$500 to be made. The real estate business was unable to function normally for 7 days whilst their data was being restored. Fortunately, they had Cyber insurance and were able to claim $7,440 to cover the cost of restoring the information, payment for the ransom, as well as lost man hours from being out of action.

3 questions to ask yourself
when buying insurance 

    1. Does the cover comply with current legislation in the state or territory in which your work? For example, the NSW Government requires all licensees under the Property, Stock and Business Agents Act 2002 hold a minimum of $1 million Professional Indemnity insurance, with a number of set policy inclusions. Click here to view the legislation that’s relevant to you.


    1. Is the policy inclusive of costs or exclusive of costs? With a ‘costs inclusive’ policy, legal costs and damages are insured as one sum insured – ‘costs exclusive’ means that the two are insured separately


  1. What other areas of your business need protection, i.e. your clients and their property, your business assets, and your confidential data?

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