Introducing Refer a Friend Rewards!

Much of our growth is due to happy clients recommending us to their friends, so we’ve decided to share the love. To thank our customers and to welcome their friends to BizCover, we offer our Refer a Friend Rewards reward.

For EVERY new customer you recommend that purchases a policy through BizCover, you’ll get a $25 Gift Card. Plus, your friend will get one too – so everybody wins! There is no limit to the number of friends that you can refer.

So, how does it work?

Your friend just needs to mention your name when purchasing their policy to activate the reward. Email these instructions to your friend to get them started:


I heard you’re in need of some business insurance. If you purchase from BizCover over the phone you and I both receive a $25 Gift Card!

Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. When you’re ready to get covered, call BizCover on 1300 920 864
  2. On the call, when they ask how you heard about BizCover, simply tell them you were referred by a friend and mention my name
  3. Once you have held your policy for a month we will both get a $25 gift card.

It’s that simple!

<Your Name>

Easy! Best of all there is no limit to how many vouchers you can receive, so share the love!

Terms & Conditions

  1. Once you (the referrer) and your friend (the referee) have both met the referral conditions below, you will both receive a $25 gift card voucher.
  2. To be eligible to participate in the Refer a Friend Program, you must have previously purchased an insurance policy from BizCover.
  3. Your friend must hold their policy for 1 (one) month. If they cancel before this time neither you nor your friend will be eligible for a gift card.
  4. Your friend must be a new customer of BizCover, and who has not previously purchased insurance through us.
  5. Your friend must provide your refer a friend code or your name when signing-up.
  6. You are eligible to refer as many friends as you wish and will receive a $25 voucher for each friend who transacts with Bizcover.
  7. BizCover reserves the right to amend or discontinue this promotion at any time and without any prior notice.
  8. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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