Our Price Promise to You

BizCover is committed to offering the most competitive price it can for your Business Insurance.

If you’ve just purchased your policy from us and get a cheaper quote for comparable insurance coverage, contact one of our team with a copy of the quote and the related policy and we’ll offer to either match the price on offer or cancel your BizCover policy with a full refund.

Even if you haven’t purchased yet, let us know.  We will still try and match that quote.

Terms & Conditions

Price Promise:

If within 7 days of purchasing an insurance policy through BizCover, you can demonstrate that there is available a substantially comparable policy from an Australian broker or online competitor at a lower price, BizCover promises to:

  1. match the price on offer;
  2. or cancel your policy with a full refund

(the Price Promise).

Price Promise refunds will be made within 10 business days of your Price Promise application.

Notifying BizCover:

You must notify BizCover of the lower price option within 7 days of making payment for your policy purchased through BizCover (email: support@bizcover.com.au) to be eligible for the Price Promise.

The lower price must be available at the time you contact us, and a copy of the quote for the substantially comparable policy from an Australian broker or online competitor must be attached to the request. The competitor’s quote must NOT be older than 30 days.

Price Promise Exclusions:

The Price Promise does NOT apply to:

  • Quotes that have been obtained other than via an Australian broker or an online competitor.
  • Policies on which an insurance claim or notification has been or should have been made.
  • Policies that have previously lapsed or been cancelled since the policy was first taken out through BizCover.
  • Lower cost policies where the price in question is as a result of multi-policy discount.
  • Alternative policies available due to membership of a group, association or corporate entity or subscription to a closed group.

Verification of Request.

As part of the Price Promise BizCover will verify that the competitor’s quote is genuine, available and able to be bought by the general public.

BizCover will in its sole discretion, acting in good faith determine, whether the quote provided relates to a sufficiently comparable policy.

BizCover will not accept quotes or other purported evidence of a lower price that cannot be independently confirmed and verified by a BizCover customer service representative.

Nor will BizCover action any request that it believes, at its sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error, is made fraudulently or in bad faith.

Failure to provide BizCover with sufficient evidence or details to allow verification of the lower price may result in invalidation of your request for the Price Promise to be applied.

Verified Price Promise requests will either be:

  1.  matched on price;
  2. or your policy placed through BizCover will be cancelled with a full refund.

BizCover reserves the right to determine which Price Promise option will be made available as part of the Price Promise.


BizCover may modify or discontinue the Price Promise or restrict its availability to any person or entity, at any time, without prior notice or liability to you (to the extent permitted by law).

The terms that are in effect at the time of purchase of your policy through BizCover will determine your eligibility to claim under the Price Promise.

The failure by BizCover to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

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