This covers money belonging to your business that is lost, stolen or damaged whilst on your premises, in transit to or from your premises, or in your professional custody.

Did you know?

Money in transit generally includes money contained in a night safe or automatic teller machine from the time you deposit the money until the time your financial provider ceases trading on its next full trading day.

What’s typically covered?

  • Money in transit
  • Money in your building/s
  • Money in private residence

What’s typically NOT covered?

Loss of money:

  • Caused by shortages resulting from clerical or accounting errors
  • Not discovered within 10 working days of the occurrence
  • Due to dishonest acts of your directors, employees or any member of your family
  • Carried by professional money carriers, professional carriers or common carriers
  • From any unattended vehicle
  • From any safe or strongroom opened by a key or by use of details of the combination which have been left at the location during non business hours
  • Outside of Australia

Things to consider

Does your business hold large sums of money on-site, or do you transport money to and from your business premises?