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Insurance for Restaurants & Cafes

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Why do Restaurants & Cafes need it?

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Insurance for
Restaurants & Cafes

Public Liability

There is no end to the list of possible accidents that could happen in the restaurant environment, and you need to protect your business from any potential claims. These could arise from a waiter dropping hot food on a customer, to a customer slipping on a melted ice-block on the floor, or a supplier tripping on the plastic mat in the prep area, and even unthinkable issues like broken teeth being found in food (true story). Yuck!

Food poisoning is also a huge risk for restaurants and cafes – imagine the risk to brand reputation and impact on trading from a food poisoning incident – a dodgy piece of fish or a bout of salmonella could turn your cash cow into curdled milk!

Business Insurance

Even though you can’t insure the ambience you have created in your restaurant, you can insure the building and all its contents:

Management Liability

If you have employees in your restaurant, you’ll need to cover all your (pizza) bases!

Tax Audit

As a restaurant owner you have enough to keep you busy day and night. Take the stress out of an ATO investigation with this insurance.

Cyber Insurance

As a restaurant owner your exposure could be at the payment desk – with your eftpos machine hacked.

Something fishy

A busy restaurant in the city had an off day and served some fish that wasn’t quite right. It resulted in five of their loyal customers being poisoned and becoming violently ill! They were each paid out $20,000 for their medical treatment and damages.

Power cut palaver

A pro-longed power outage whilst the shop was shut caused the stock of a local fish and chips shop to be ruined (including food, ice creams and drinks). The clients claim was settled for $2,373.  Less the $500 discount, the client received $1,873.

3 things to ask yourself
when buying insurance

  1. What are the requirements by your landlord for Public Liability?
  2. The ATO are cracking down on Small Businesses – have you considered tax audit insurance?
  3. When calculating the value of your contents, don’t just think about the big ticket items – remember it will cost you money for every fork and spoon you have to replace if your restaurant was wiped out by a fire, so ensure you have included everything on your list.