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What to do when you get in a pickle!

Let’s face it, if you’re looking to make a claim on your insurance, you’re probably pretty stressed out, and looking at forking out some of your hard earned cash on what could be a pretty big bill, fine or compensation payment. So when the time comes to test out your policy we’ll make this process as painless as possible.

All we need from you are the details and once we have your claim form we’ll manage the process with the insurer. You’ll be pleased to know we believe in speed when handling a claim and we will keep in contact with you every step of the way.

Top Tips when making a claim

  1. Review your policy excess. If the claim amount is less than the excess then it’s probably not worth claiming!
  2. To speed up the process, make sure you complete all the relevant information on the form and you include relevant documents when you put in your claim. This includes any photo’s, invoices or quotes.