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Insurance for Gift Shops

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Why do Gift Shops  need it?

With your hard earned money tied up in stock for your business, it makes sense you would go to all lengths to protect it. And that means having the right insurance, at the right price, of course. Let BizCover give you the gift of hassle-free insurance with multiple competitive insurance quotes in minutes.

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Insurance for
 Gift Shop Owners

Public Liability

If you own a shop, you want customers in your store.  And when they are there, you need to be confident that you are not at financial risk should an accident happen, such as a display collapsing on a customer, or a customer tripping on stock that was left on the floor. The right Public Liability insurance will also cover you in the case of you accidentally causing damage to third party property, whether on your premises, or at another location such as a supplier’s premises or a trade exhibition.

Business Insurance

Your customers are important but so is your stock, shop contents, and building. Without the right cover, you could be hit with a few unwanted financial challenges that could throw a spanner in the works. Business Insurance cover includes:

Cyber Liability

Holding customer data, such as credit card information, comes with its own set of risks. If you are you selling online and collecting customer data (including credit cards) then protect your business from unwanted claims arising from data breaches.

Cords causing chaos

A gift shop owner outdid herself with a beautiful new display with exquisite lighting.  A cord coming out from the stand caused an obstruction and a lady visiting the store tripped and broke her wrist.  $12,000 was paid out for medical costs, lost work and rehabilitation.

Damage control

A gift shop owner rented premises in a quaint free standing terrace.  A large storm caused the outside drains to be blocked resulting in water leaking in through the roof and damaging stock and fixtures in the store.  $8,000 was paid out in damages.

3 things to ask yourselfwhen buying insurance

  1. When selecting your level of cover for contents, ensure you have enough cover year round, i.e. if you have higher stock levels at different times (e.g. Christmas) ensure you have enough cover for stock you hold at those times.
  2. Do you have any obligation by your landlord for a minimum amount of Public Liability?
  3. Does your landlord require any other cover for items like Glass?