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Why do Nurses need it?

Looking after your patients is, of course, your number one priority, but who’s looking after you? Ensuring you have the right insurance is an essential part of protecting yourself from damaging allegations that can lead to a claim for compensation. So let us take care of you – with just a few clicks or a single phone call you can get covered instantly, so the only thing you need to worry about is taking good care of your patients.

Did you Know?

The Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has set minimum requirements for Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) for all enrolled nurses, registered nurses and midwives. You must have your own PI arrangements or third party arrangements with an adequate level of cover for your practice, and which includes the following:

  1. Civil liability cover
  2. Appropriate retroactive cover* for otherwise uncovered matters arising from prior practice
  3.  Automatic reinstatement#

For more information contact the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia.

Get the cover that’s right for your business

Professional Indemnity

The joy of qualifying as a nurse and being able to help people recover from sickness and injury provides for a satisfying and rewarding career. However nurses, as with any healthcare professional, have a tremendous amount of professional liability exposure. It only takes one thing to go wrong to disrupt your career and drain your assets if a claim is made against you for breach of duty, negligence or misconduct.

Thankfully, Professional Indemnity insurance is there to give you peace of mind if you do face legal action as a result of your work. Particularly if you perform part-time independent or contract work, or any type of voluntary work, such as assisting at sporting events or offering your services to a charity group. It covers your legal and defence costs, court costs, and compensation awarded to your client. It even covers PR costs should you need to defend your reputation.

Public Liability

Considering the close contact you have with your patients, Public Liability insurance is a no brainer for nurses. It will protect you from financial losses arising from a claim of accidental injury or property damage as a result of you going about your business, whether at your premises, your patient’s premises or a public place.

Cyber Liability

If you collect and store information about your patient consider the consequences if it were to be compromised. Protect yourself against the expense and legal costs associated if your network is hacked or your laptop is lost or stolen and your patient’s sensitive information is stolen.

Common causes of claims

  • Misconduct or being accused of misconduct, either in an administrative and/or clinical role
  • Making an incorrect diagnosis
  • Administering the incorrect medication, dosage, or treatment to a patient
  • Failure to accurately carry out instructions for care of a patient
  • Malpractice resulting in injury, damages, or even death to a patient
  • Accidentally causing damage to a patient’s property

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