Insurance for Painters

Insurance for Painters

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Why do Painters need it?

Painting requires you to work at heights and in a variety of locations. With BizCover you can receive multiple quotes from some of Australia’s leading insurers.  You can be covered quicker than it takes that undercoat to dry.

Did you Know?

A Public Liability policy will not usually cover the work of subcontractors.  Therefore sub-contractors should consider maintaining their own public liability insurance.

Insurance for Painters

Public Liability Insurance*

In the world of painting, it’s a wise move to have Public Liability insurance in place, providing you with protection for the risks you could be creating.

Public Liability insurance is designed to protect you and your painting business in the event a customer, supplier or a member of the public is injured or sustains property damage as a result of your negligent business activities.

Imagine working at a client’s house and you accidentally spill a tin of paint all over their timber floors or a customer trips over your scaffolding. These are just two examples of when you would want Public Liability insurance to protect you as a painter.

For covered claims, it will meet your legal and defence costs together with any compensation payable to a third party.

If you are operating as a contractor, it is important that you also consider the minimum amount of Public Liability insurance you are contractually required to have.

Portable Equipment Cover*

To get the job done you need your tools, from brushes to trays and even a few different sized ladders. Insuring your portable business assets not only gives you peace of mind but is an investment in protecting your small business for the long run.

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance*

Your work is physically demanding; climbing ladders, using paint rollers and preparing all kinds of surfaces. Your success as a painter requires good health.  If you were to unexpectedly injure yourself or fall ill and be unable to work, how would you continue to pay bills and put dinner on the table?

The reality is accidents can and do happen, at work and even when you’re playing a game of backyard football with the kids on the weekend.

Personal Accident and Illness insurance can provide cover should you become permanently disabled or pass away as a result of an accident. Cover can also include a weekly benefit for loss of income if you are unable to work as a result of an unexpected injury or illness (even if it occurs outside of your employment).

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