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Remind me again, whatprotection will Professional Indemnity provide?

Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover from potential threats, such as claims for alleged negligence or breach of duty arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services. A Professional Indemnity policy will provide comprehensive protection for your assets against claims for financial loss, injury or damage arising from an act, error or omission in the performance of professional services.

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Our Professional Indemnity Reviews

Professional Indemnity S Browne 2014-03-26 I think the service is excellent because I don't have to remember anything myself. I am prompted when the insurance is due so that I have no problems with being uninsured through forgetting to renew. The price is OK. Probably not the cheapest though. 5
Professional Indemnity M Enriquez 2014-03-25 Very friendly and easy way to update the professional insurance cover 5
Professional Indemnity G Willett 2014-03-25 It was quick & simple, to see what companies provided what insurance. 5
Professional Indemnity S Capp 2014-03-21 Very professional 5
Professional Indemnity J Reid 2014-03-21 All worked as it should. 5
Professional Indemnity J Ferguson 2014-03-21 Good for renewal of professional indemnity but tried to get a quote for public liability using web site on 2 separate occasions and I could only select my category and nothing happened. They need to check the function of the on line quotes. I am using a Mac 4
Professional Indemnity K Gibson 2014-03-21 Great service and quick response getting urgent quotes 5
Professional Indemnity D Hyland 2014-03-21 As I was not sure what cover I needed to be able to apply for my tax license, when I phoned the gentleman I spoke with put my mind at ease and helped me choose the right cover 5
Professional Indemnity B VALAVI 2014-03-21 easy to compare different company's offer 5
Professional Indemnity L Giovanetti 2014-03-21 Very easy to renew policy 5
Professional Indemnity A Kwan-Emery 2014-03-21 Pro-active. Always willing to assist. It is not frustrating to deal with them. Their online services are quick and easy to use. 5
Professional Indemnity G Nagy 2014-03-21 Very good. thank you. 5
Professional Indemnity V Gionea 2014-02-14 Thank you 5
Professional Indemnity A Vaughan 2014-02-10 I have already sent some positive feedback. yes, I found the service really efficient and easy to use. Thanks 5
Professional Indemnity H Miller 2014-02-07 Made everything straight forward and simple. Great service. Thank you. 5
Professional Indemnity A Champion 2014-02-04 Easy to use website for renewals 5
Professional Indemnity P Hyman 2014-02-04 Very easy to use; good, clear email instructions to utilise. Policy renewal was very easy and all documentation with me quickly. 5
Professional Indemnity l qie 2014-02-03 efficient service 5
Professional Indemnity C Macdonald 2014-02-02 Very quick and easy to navigate process! 5
Professional Indemnity B Krauth 2014-02-01 Nice and easy - thanks 5
Professional Indemnity V Ryan 2014-01-31 The reminder is helpful and the one step renewal very convenient. 5
Professional Indemnity J Alvir 2014-01-31 Great reminder service, courteous reply, quick no fuss renewal. 5
Professional Indemnity D Killiby 2014-01-30 Price competitive and very timely and flexible service Erick was great 5
Professional Indemnity G Sheppard 2014-01-29 Exceptional service Thanks! 5
Professional Indemnity D Murphy 2014-01-29 all good! 5
Professional Indemnity M Maguire 2014-01-29 Great to be able to renew simply online 5
Professional Indemnity K SU 2014-01-28 efficient call centre service. thanks. 4
Professional Indemnity A Scott 2014-01-28 Great service when I needed insurance quickly 5
Professional Indemnity A Powell 2014-01-28 Very profession, simple and easy way to insure your business. 5
Professional Indemnity R Miflin 2014-01-28 I was informed prior to the expiry date and advised of several payment methods. The method I chose (on line) was well explained and easy to follow. The whole transaction took less that 10 minutes. 5
Professional Indemnity K Young 2014-01-28 zzz 4
Professional Indemnity T Silvester 2014-01-28 Easy process to use- no red tape and uncomplicated process which is what I was after 4
Professional Indemnity R Fenwick 2014-01-28 quick and easy price is good 5
Professional Indemnity M DUNNE 2014-01-28 I was impressed that they had pro-actively found me a cheaper renewal price without me having to ask. 5
Professional Indemnity M Allen 2014-01-28 Thanks for making our renewal so easy and efficient. 5
Professional Indemnity M Sinclair 2014-01-28 Provided a lower cost solution without being prompted 5
Professional Indemnity J Magill 2014-01-28 Very easy to renew my insurance this year. reminder arrived promptly and able to pay within a reasonable time frame 5
Professional Indemnity T Hall 2014-01-28 Very convenient 5
Professional Indemnity M Morison 2014-01-28 Easy to use and the reminder and link are very important. 5
Professional Indemnity C Small 2014-01-28 Very easy to use the online service. 5
Professional Indemnity W O'Toole 2014-01-28 very out of the ordinary to have such an efficient system - straightforward and practically instant availability of confirmation/documentation. 5
Professional Indemnity C Dezsery 2014-01-28 easy and quick service, especially when altering cover amount, what a relief that an insurance company finally knows how to use technology! 5
Professional Indemnity R Jimenez 2014-01-28 Very pleased with the service. Fast and effective. 5
Professional Indemnity R Grainger 2014-01-28 Haven't had to make a claim (touch wood!) but they have been communicative and online service is quick and easy. 5
Professional Indemnity D Sandford 2014-01-28 Good mobile phone app, and explanation of services, good options with payment plans changing dates etc. cheers 5
Professional Indemnity W Mills 2014-01-28 Great service. 5
Professional Indemnity P Watson 2014-01-28 Premiums are not as competitive as some, however, application and renewal process is much easier 4
Professional Indemnity T Ferris 2014-01-28 So easy to use and deal with 5
Professional Indemnity T Sattout 2014-01-28 why have you excluded work with M&A? Also need to be more clear on what is defined as M&A. Does it include post merger integration activity? 5
Professional Indemnity M Stubbersfield 2014-01-28 Very good and efficient service. 5
Professional Indemnity C Polwarth 2014-01-28 Very easy to deal with, thanks 5
Professional Indemnity G Rankin 2014-01-28 Efficient, prompt provision of information and options 5
Professional Indemnity D Missingham 2014-01-28 I was so impressed with Bizcover - both when I bought my cover and then when I had to lodge a claim. Quick, friendly, professional, and because I had to respond urgently, they really followed up and pushed through with the insurance provider to get me a quick response. So impressed. Thank you. 5
Professional Indemnity J Cox 2013-11-26 Great to be reminded that needed to renew . 5
Professional Indemnity K Fitzgerald 2013-11-26 Very prompt and easy to deal with in relation to purchasing PLI and PI 5
Professional Indemnity L Pearce 2013-11-20 Like the fact that it reminds a month before it expires and easy to navigate 5
Professional Indemnity S Collins 2013-11-11 It would be good to receive a certificate of currency on completion of transaction or on request 4
Professional Indemnity A Treurnicht 2013-11-04 Easy to use & swift processing. 5
Professional Indemnity K Hayek 2013-11-01 very user friendly service. I was able to renew online in few minutes. regular reminders are appreciated 5
Professional Indemnity J Doversand 2013-10-30 Efficient. 5
Professional Indemnity R Nuttall 2013-10-30 Service ok but still like easier access to someone to talk through matters 4
Professional Indemnity E Issa 2013-10-30 no complaints, all good 4
Professional Indemnity P O'Bryan 2013-10-30 Rapid response to request and immediate amendment to policy as requested 5
Professional Indemnity R Mcclelland 2013-10-30 Service was good did not have any issues 4
Professional Indemnity H Manson 2013-10-29 Easy to access and apply for insurance. Was clear and easy to follow. Thank you 5
Professional Indemnity N Chirico 2013-10-28 BizCover makes it easy to choose business insurance, and their renewal process ensures you not only save money, but you don't forget to renew your cover! 5
Professional Indemnity T Robinson 2013-10-28 Fortunately, I have not made a claim so that is the real test. I hope I never have to do that. However, I am very happy with my dealings to date. 5
Professional Indemnity V Cruickshank 2013-10-27 As mentioned in previous comment. 4
Professional Indemnity V Cruickshank 2013-10-27 Processing a insurance policy & renewal is very easy. I have never had to process a claim so I am unable to give a rating for processing a claim. 4
Professional Indemnity B Bowering 2013-10-27 As a small business operator, it seems to fall to late nights and weekends to get things done. So it's nice that the Bizcover website is comprehensive, and allows me to make decisions and be informed outside of the 9-5. Updating my cover details recently was also WAY easier than I thought it would be. Don't worry, I've recommended Bizcover to some of my friends also operating their own businesses. 5
Professional Indemnity A Sarroff 2013-10-26 Be better if it was cheaper 5
Professional Indemnity R Mcintyre 2013-10-25 The service was as expected. There was initial follow up via phone and email. Ultimately I got what i needed from the service 4
Professional Indemnity S Wyatt 2013-10-25 Fast prompt service, and value for money 5
Professional Indemnity P Lund 2013-10-25 Great service. 5
Professional Indemnity P Gordon 2013-10-25 Very easy to access the web site and to renew my policies. 5
Professional Indemnity L Rochester 2013-10-25 Service is fast, easy and cheap enough 5
Professional Indemnity M Holman 2013-10-25 quick and eassy 5
Professional Indemnity A Phillips 2013-10-25 Loved how easy it is to renew. Saves me loads of time. 5
Professional Indemnity N Baker 2013-10-25 I was at first confused as to whether or not i had renewed one or both of my policies. I received two separate emails so I thought I would have to submit two separate renewals. Other than that the very easy to work with. 4
Professional Indemnity D Krantz 2013-10-25 Quick response to any documentation, good discount and I liked the extra months coverage for timely payments. I have had no reason to make a claim so I cannot comment on that side 5
Professional Indemnity R Middleton 2013-10-25 Friendly and professional service call 4
Professional Indemnity J Johnston 2013-10-25 Login and website easy to move around. Able to organise my insurance in 5 minutes with email receipt arriving soon after 5
Professional Indemnity J Vecchio 2013-10-24 Best rates and easy to navigate the website :) 5
Professional Indemnity J Toro 2013-10-24 I was new to the self employment game. I was recommended BizCover by a financial advisor. It was the best advice I could have received. An excellent company and made a difficult choice so easy. Thank you, I will recommend BizCover to anyone who requires such services. 5
Professional Indemnity J Kapeleris 2013-10-24 Great service with easy to use online quoting system where I was able to make an informed decision on the type of cover that I needed. 5
Professional Indemnity C Harrison 2013-10-24 Great service, very quick and easy to use. 4
Professional Indemnity B Roberts 2013-10-24 no complaints 4
Professional Indemnity N Jenkins 2013-10-24 It was quick and easy. 4
Professional Indemnity L Frencham 2013-10-24 Exceptional service and followup. 5
Professional Indemnity J Barbara 2013-10-24 I have used Biz Cover twice now and have had a good experience on each occasion. 4
Professional Indemnity J Frank 2013-10-24 Experienced no problems 5
Professional Indemnity V Stevens 2013-10-24 Too Easy. 5
Professional Indemnity B Horn 2013-10-24 Efficient and professional, saves time and money. 5
Professional Indemnity R Hilton 2013-10-24 Great 5
Professional Indemnity J Webster 2013-10-24 Very easy 5
Professional Indemnity D Hart 2013-10-24 Easy to complete and understand. Would use it again and will recommend to others 5
Professional Indemnity A Damen 2013-10-24 Website is easy to use and it is good to have all the prior year invoices and policies in the one place. Wish they had payment alternatives that didn't include such a hefty credit card surcharge. 5
Professional Indemnity M Brindley 2013-10-24 Always helpful and cheery. I've found them to be of great assistance 5
Professional Indemnity P Harris 2013-10-24 Simple to apply for cover. I have not made a claim so cannot comment on service for claims. 4
Professional Indemnity D Brigden 2013-10-24 Easy to use website 4
Professional Indemnity R Dean 2013-10-24 easy to use 4
Professional Indemnity R Glanville 2013-10-24 Very quick and easy, as well as great value. 5
Professional Indemnity C Downey 2013-10-24 It started off as poor but Erick Harmon stepped in and saved the day 5
Professional Indemnity S Hardy 2013-10-24 Fast and Easy Service 5
Professional Indemnity K Mcauliffe 2013-10-24 No problems, excellent easy service 5
Professional Indemnity E Jenkins 2013-10-24 Easy to navigate site made experience a possitive one great prices icing on the top. 5
Professional Indemnity B Choo 2013-10-24 Good service 4
Professional Indemnity P Bergin 2013-10-24 This was the simplest and most effective way of getting comparative insurance quotes! I have struggled with getting insurance sales people to call back; when they did I had to fill in really, really long forms, and often I would not hear anything further from them. This was done in less than an hour and I am very satisfied. Thankyou 5
Professional Indemnity D Simonsen 2013-10-24 Fast and very cost competitive 5
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