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Insurance for Accountants

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Why do Accountants need it?

If you want to avoid an unwanted liability on your balance sheet, you need to make sure you have the right insurance for your business. Being the numbers person that you are, we don’t need to convince you that getting multiple competitive quotes from leading insurers is the quickest and most cost-efficient way to secure the right cover for your accounting practice.

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Insurance for Accountants

Professional Indemnity

Even excel gurus can make mistakes, and these errors or omissions could result in financial losses for your practice. Professional Indemnity insurance will protect your business from losses arising out of acts, errors and omissions from a wide variety of services, including:

Oh, and did you know it is an industry requirement that your level of Professional Indemnity protection complies with the standard outlined by your professional association. For instance, CPA Australia and Charted Accountants Australia mandates that members maintain a minimum level of Professional Indemnity cover.

And don’t forget our Price Promise that ensures you will always pay the lowest rate for your PI.

Public Liability

If you have an office where your clients visit you, or you are getting your dose of vitamin D by heading out to meet your clients at their home or office, then Public Liability insurance will protect you from financial losses arising from a claim of accidental damage or injury resulting from you going about your business.

Business Insurance

If any of the following circumstances relate to your business then you should consider Business Insurance to ensure you are adequately protected:

Cyber Insurance

Consider the client data you are storing and if there was a breach of confidentiality by being hacked. For example, is the information sensitive enough that you would have clients in a rage outside your door and lodging claims against your business?

More than petty cash

When the server and client records were locked by Ransomware Software at a local accounting practice, the financial loss to the business would have been more than just petty cash! The hackers demanded $50,000. Almost $150,000 was paid for loss of net income. Consultants were hired to handle and negotiate the Ransom, and there were more costs to restore the network, as well as notifying affected individuals and credit monitoring services. These sorts of costs would cripple any flourishing business but with Cyber Insurance in place, this accounting firm is still going strong!

3 questions to ask yourself
when buying insurance

  1. Does the cover comply with current legislation and professional association requirements – e.g. legal and defence cost coverage in addition to policy limit.
    1. Is the policy inclusive of costs or exclusive of costs? With a ‘costs inclusive’ policy, legal costs and damages are insured as one sum insured – ‘costs exclusive’ means that the two are insured separately


  1. Check that the policy covers all your areas of work. Some policies have restrictions and may not cover all your activities (if they are not standard).  For example, investment advice or financial planning.

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