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Public Liability Insurance

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Here’s the lowdown,on Public Liability Insurance

As a small business owner you already have lots to worry. From paying your employees to getting stock delivered on time to generating new business – the list is endless! The last thing you want to have to think about is paying hefty legal costs should an unwanted accident happen. And they do.

Public Liability Insurance protects you and your business against the legal costs of a claim should a customer, a supplier or even a member of the public gets injured or suffers a loss (as a result of property damage) while you are providing a service, either at your work place or at another location.

Put simply, with a Public Liability insurance policy you won’t have to pay for the legal costs or for compensation should a customer lodge a claim for injury from tripping on a box you had planned to put away but never found the time to do so. Or your sales rep who accidently spilt his coffee on your client’s laptop while he was enthusiastically showing them your latest product release.

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With BizCover you can choose policies with cover between $5m to $20m.

Policies are usually tailored to individual businesses. Each business will require a different amount of cover and when deciding on how much cover you should have you should think about the following factors:

Our Public Liability Insurance Reviews

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N Richardson 2016-12-02 Happy with the service 4
Y Boikowski 2016-12-02 No problems are an excellent situation to be in. 5
D Sin 2016-12-01 I love the convenience of it! The annual reminder to renew and the ease of doing so just takes away one less worry for me. 5
D MANKAR 2016-09-08 Excellent customer service. Email received about my renewal certificate in no time. 5
C Pinteric 2016-09-07 I rang with a double up on my credit card, but it had been a coincidence that another company was due to direct debit money out that same day.without me knowing. It was my mistake at the time, 4
K WATT 2016-09-02 I had to send an email explaining that I never received the first email reminding me that my payment was due - the first I knew of it was the payment confirmation email... I received no apology or interest from the staff member and she simply confirmed which email it was sent to and said to re-check my spam - which I did - and then advised her I still found nothing to which I have had no reply.... I have rated this exchange as good because she replied quickly and gave me a possible solution to my first email so poor feels a bit harsh but I'm not overly impressed by the experience. 4
V Nemeth 2016-09-01 Very nice customer service. 5
E Robinson 2016-09-01 Well i have not had to use them as i have not had to make a claim as yet. 5
S Handley 2016-08-26 some of the best service I have had over the phone. 5
J Lyngkuist 2016-07-04 Excellent, very quick response, and was able to adjust my cover with no issues. I would certainly recomend the company. I have taken out Public Liability insurance, and Professional Indemnity Insurance. 5
J Brydon 2016-06-28 Very good 5
S Wereta 2016-06-26 Polite and productive 5
T Day 2016-06-22 Quick and easy 4
R Naseer 2016-06-22 good service 5
P Menlove 2016-06-21 Quick 5
V Hongyok 2016-06-21 The service was fast, direct and easy to navigate. 4
K Cincotta 2016-06-15 Fantastic & quick service. 5
A Halliday 2016-06-14 I haven't claim anything yet. So i cant tell. 4
B Clare 2016-06-14 Quick, easy and offers monthly payments! 5
R Mason 2016-05-24 Fast 4
P McKenna 2016-05-11 very good 4
A Jameson 2016-05-07 I had just changed my address details with the company 4
S Veljkovic 2016-05-06 Standard service given. 4
R Foster 2016-05-05 Affordable and easy to navigate insurance. Highly recommend. 5
R Avasalu 2016-05-05 The first Andrew that i deal with was rude and pushy. He can across as annoyed when i couldn't call him back and generated a new quote to see my options. He should understand that this is not my only priority at the moment. I was thankful that another Andrew picked up the phone next time and couldn't have been more helpful! He took time to explain things to me and understand what i needed. He was happy for me to take as much time to think it over and i was happy with what he had explained so i signed up. 4
K Moore 2016-05-04 The guy I spoke to was helpful. 5
J Ward 2016-04-22 Great customer service and support through the whole process. Friendly and caring staff too! 5
N Pilon 2016-04-21 Good quick service............Thank you 4
K Eiszelt 2016-04-21 Followed up my enquiry and kept contact with me until I was ready to commit to a policy. 5
J Roy 2016-04-20 Excellent 5
J Sharp 2016-04-20 Easy & Pleasent 5
C Parmenter 2016-04-20 I haven't had to deal much with them yet, however join up so super easy and convenient. 4
M Szeles 2016-04-14 Easy & efficient 5
J Monger 2016-04-12 Hello, I was very impressed with Andrew, the man who took my call. How he explained the cover and the fact that it was available to me almost immediately at a very reasonable rate. Yes I would recommend them to others. 5
L Clifton 2016-04-12 Very easy, fast & friendly 5
M Page 2016-04-12 Easy to use... efficient, straight forward. 5
P Zhang 2016-04-12 Good one ! 5
M Turner 2016-04-12 Very easy 5
B Sutton 2016-03-08 Easy to use. Great information. 5
H McLachlan 2016-01-22 This was just a renewal, but as always was made so easy Thank you until next year 5
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