Customer Spotlight: Sara Hemphill Naturopath


Customer Spotlight: Sara Hemphill Naturopath

In honour of today; International Day of Happiness, we look at our health and wellbeing with BizCover customer Sara Hemphill, a flourishing Naturopath from Western Australia.

“When you have your health you can achieve anything.” These are the words dominating the website of Sara Hemphill, a Western Australian based Naturopath. It’s something she lives by as she helps her clients achieve their goals through their food, lifestyle, environment and behaviours.

She offers online services not only Australia-wide but also world-wide with customers as far as Germany.

“I have always wanted to be a naturopath,” she recalls “at around age 11 or 12, I would love to be at any health food store, learning about all the products.”

“I really enjoy helping people help themselves improve their health and their lives.”

Starting in 2016 after finishing her studies in Naturopathy, Sara first started working with clients doing detoxes and cleanses, running workshops and teaching clients how to restructure their food shopping and pantries, how to organise their food preparation and how to eat properly.

Today her business expertise has grown to include consultations by phone and email and online treatment plans, making her truly a business of 2018.

She also sells a range of health and well-being products on her website, including skin packs, healthy home kits, essential oils and even tea.

“We also use a range of cleanses and detoxes,” she adds “we send away for pathology tests like blood, saliva, stool and urine”
“I love getting to the bottom of a problem and organising treatment plans for my clients,” she says, “It just flowed from people asking me what I did for myself and how they could do it too.”

“Today, I will help my clients to achieve their health goals, with a simple straightforward approach,” she explains, “The goal is to be at your optimum, so your body can naturally cope with, and eliminate any effects if modern society.”

“I’ve had a client come in with crippling digestive pain, after going through her history, her current issues and stresses, her diet and then testing her saliva and blood pressure I was able to come up with a treatment plan,” she explains “A few days later she called to say it had improved dramatically.”

“At her follow-up, she was amazed at the simplicity of what was wrong.”
Not all cases are so simple and straightforward but it’s this passion to help and find the cause which sees Sara’s testimonials on her website so full.

“I have never met another with such an interest or having such practical experience and understanding in detoxing, fasting and cleansing,” says one client, Anthea from Melbourne.

If you’re interested in speaking to Sara, mention BizCover for 2 consultations for the price of 1 (that’s $90 for the first hour – usually $180). Plus get 25% off all products during your first consultation. Simply email Sara at [email protected]

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