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$3000 Scholarship Prize Plus 3 Month Work Placement Program

Women In IT Scholarship

About BizCover

BizCover is one of Australia’s leading Insuretech companies, with a platform that provides business insurance to SMEs, in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

BizCover has already helped more than 150,000 small businesses find suitable and affordable insurance and was ranked in the Top 50 Fast Growing Tech companies by Deloitte in 2018.

We value uniqueness and character and are looking for great IT talent to embark on the journey with us.

Value of $3,000 plus a three month work placement program

About The Scholarship

This Scholarship was designed by BizCover to assist female IT students in their final year of study, and help them gain valuable real-world work experience to shape a positive future for our industry.

The recipients of the scholarship will also have the opportunity to gain work experience at BizCover during a three-month work placement program.

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Who Can Apply?

Female final year undergraduate students that are currently studying in the following degrees (or the equivalence of these degrees)

• Bachelor of Business Information Systems
• Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology
• Bachelor of Advanced Computing
• Bachelor of Design Computing

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Scholarship Arrangements

Value and Duration:

The Scholarship will pay the scholarship winner $AUD 3,000 once off.

The scholarship winner will have the opportunity to work for BizCover in a 3 month paid work placement program.*

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Selection Criteria

Face to face interviews will be conducted at BizCover’s Sydney office to decide the scholarship winners amongst all applicants. A video conference such as a skype meeting can be arranged for applicants not based in Sydney.

Selection criteria:

1. Past involvement in IT related projects
2. Academic achievement at school
3. Characteristics and communication skills

Apply for Scholarship Now
  • About The Scholarship
  • Who Can Apply?
  • Value and Duration:
  • Selection Criteria

Application Timeline
This scholarship is open throughout the whole calendar year with two close dates. Please submit your application before either of the due dates.

1st close date: 15 March 2020, for the first scholarship winner to be announced by 26 April 2020.

2nd close date: 31 July 2020, for the second scholarship winner to be announced by 30 September 2020.

Key Dates

15 March, 2020

Application close. Please submit your application by 15 March 2020.

26 April, 2020

Scholarship winner announced.

Students are welcomed to apply for the July scholarship intake if you missed March scholarship intake.

31 July 2020

Application close. Please submit your application by 31 July 2020.

30 September, 2020

Scholarship winner announced.

Terms and Conditions

1. This scholarship is open to female students based in Australia only. 2. The scholarship applicant needs to be in her final year of tertiary education when the application is submitted. 3. The applicants may be required to show evidence of their course enrolment. 4. The applicants may be required to show transcripts and/or up-to-date subject marks. 5. Face to face interviews will be conducted at the BizCover office to decide the scholarship winner based on a combination of past involvement in IT related projects, Academic achievement, Characteristics and communication skills. 6. BizCover office address: 338 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000. A video conference can be arranged for applicants not based in Sydney. 7. The $3,000 scholarship payment is a once-off payment after the scholarship is granted to the applicant. The $3,000 payment can be arranged without the student participating in the workplace program. Each individual is eligible for one scholarship grant only. 8. Work Placement Details: This is a paid program, with work pay rates and benefits to be discussed with the applicants before they commence the workplace program with BizCover. Work hours will be discussed between BizCover and the applicant based on the applicant's availability. 9. The three-month work placement can start on a mutually agreed date between BizCover and the applicant. The three-month work placement will take place in Sydney and is optional. Please be aware that accommodation and travel expenses are not covered by BizCover. 10. The 3-month work placement is at the total discretion of BizCover. Work pay rates will not be less than the relevant industry award. 11. Only applicants who meet the application criteria for the grant will be contacted by BizCover. 12. The applicants need to be a citizen or a permanent resident of Australia. 13. If unsuccessful, applicants can resubmit their application in the next round.

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