Insurance by Industry

... and Tax Audit. At BizCover, we are aware that those who operate in varying industries, often have specific insurance needs and so we aim to provide a policy to suit you and your business. All the policies we source ...

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Reviews related to goods in transit insurance

  • Goods Service,thanks

    Jeremy E
    Barber Shop Operation

  • Easiest and best value insurance I've ever bought

    Steven C
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • I compliment your company on such an easy and effortless way to acquire insurance with good information when comparing Insurer options.

    Tim M
    Interior Design Service

  • Super easy and efficient way to get the best price for my insurance. Thanks heaps !

    Kate G
    Dance And Ballet School Operation

  • The web page is simple and clear. I have received the email with the insurance stuff. So far so good. Thanks.

    Armando A
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Fantastic. Needed to organise business insurance for a new business over the Christmas holiday period. No other insurance companies were open. What a relief I could search, compare and secure a new insurance policy online through BizCover! Highly recommen

    Katherine W
    Motel Operation

  • A very easy system for acquiring insurance

    Jeff B
    Aerial Photography Service

  • Easy very fast and efficient, 1st timer on public liability insurance

    Les K
    Door Or Window Wholesaling

  • Easy no fuss way to purchase insurance

    Heath W
    Car Detailing Service

  • Easy online process for getting an insurance solution and quote. I was able to complete this at a time that suited me, without being limited to business hours telephone support type scenarios.

    Trevor M
    Medical Supplies and Equipment Wholesaling

  • easy process from start to finish for uncomplicated business insurance.

    Alisha O
    Management Consulting Service

  • Easy system to purchase insurance with.

    Carly B
    Migration Agency Service

  • Easy, great service, definitely recommend to those putting off business insurance because it's too hard"!

    Jordana B
    Professional Writer

  • Exceptional platform for purchasing insurance.

    Darryl M
    Labour Hire Service

  • GREAT - half the price of previous insurance broker we have been using

    Shona J
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Great alternatives for my business insurance. Saves a few hundred dollars by simply service the service :)

    Corey H
    Gift Shop Operation (Except Adult/sex Shop)

  • Great insurance very simple and easy to understand whilst filling out

    Frank F

  • Great way to get insurance

    Martin K
    Town Planning Service

  • Great, simple process, connectivity was a bit of an issue but we got there in the end. Thank you BizCover you have made the insurance process efficient and effective.

    Adriel S
    Television Production, Film Or Tape

  • I have played phone tag with several brokers and insurance providers...what a relief to finally find a simple online service.

    Paul C
    Management Consulting Service

  • It was easy to obtain quotations and the insurance coverage from BizCover

    Terry D
    Auditing Services

  • it was really easy to buy insurance!!

    James W
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • its a great way to compare insurance without being hassled by middlemen

    Abhijat M
    Education Consultant

  • Made the whole process of securing business insurance easy! Thank you!

    Rosslyn C
    Management Consulting Service

  • Nice and easy! I had an insurance broker that make this sooo complicated! Thank you very much!

    Johanna C
    Business Administrative Service

  • One stop shop made it easy to get quotes and finalised insurance policies.

    Stuart G
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • quick and easy to get insurance

    Leanne G
    Bookkeeping and BAS Agency Services

  • Quick and efficient service for business insurance

    Franco M
    Horticultural Services

  • Really easy to use and well priced insurance

    Sarah S
    Life Coach

  • Simple and quick process to arrange insurance

    Robert S
    Wire Or Cable Wholesaling (Except Electric Cable)

  • Simple easy and efficient service for business insurance renewals.

    Scott E
    Training Consultancy Service

  • Simple enough to navigate and compare, and as a first time business insurance purchase gave me confidence over other online services due to the disclosure of the underlying companies and their PDS.

    Duncan S
    Management Consulting Service

  • so easy to take out insurance .Thanks

    Matt H

  • So quick and easy. Great way to acquire insurance when you are time poor.

    Sharon C
    Bookkeeping and BAS Agency Services

  • Such a simple and easy to use service - I recommend it to all my colleagues who need similar types of insurance

    Andrew W
    Management Consulting Service

  • Thankyou for making taking our insurance so easy to manage and purchase

    Danni S
    Domestic Cleaning Services

  • The easiest insurance services to engage

    Baden W
    Management Consulting Service

  • This is great way of looking for insurance

    Selma P
    Labouring - Contract Painting And Decorating Services

  • This website was easy to use and I was able to select and pay for the insurance I required quickly and conveniently.

    Gerard W
    Education Consultant

  • unbelievable savings truly amazing the difference in the insurance costs thank you biz cover i will be recommending you to all my fellow business owners

    Richard A
    Builder - House Construction Alteration Or Renovation

  • Very easy process. Very competitive quote for the insurance.

    David C
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service

  • Very easy to buy my insurance

    Carlos Alberto N
    Car Detailing Service

  • very easy to get my public liability insurance done within minutes!! Thanks.

    Troy M
    Landscape Construction

  • Very easy to use and immediate quotes on insurance. Questions are easy to understand and answer.

    David F
    Community Association Operation

  • Very easy way to sort out insurance

    Luke H
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Very responsive service and competitive insurance pricing. Thank you Wanda

    Wanda B
    Migration Agency Service

  • Was easy enough to change levels of cover, compare conditions and then contract the insurance cover I wanted.

    Soner B
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Very good experience, some upstream policy limitations and caveats but online process, and outcome, was very good.

    Philip P
    Arts Promotion Services

  • A little more info to help fill out the forms. Otherwise good.

    Isaac J

  • All good

    Muhammad Osman A
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • all good

    Ben F
    Landscape Construction


    Darren o
    Glazier Services

  • all good - easy

    Antonio D
    Management Consulting Service

  • All good- easy process

    Greg H
    Environmental Consulting Service (Except Laboratory Service)

  • All good, worked it out finaly

    Uri A
    Computer Programming Service

  • best customer service of any broker ive used

    Gavin M
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consultant (Including Installation)

  • Best price

    Gocha K
    Painting Of Buildings Or Other Structures

  • Best quote, some much higher for the same level of cover

    Brad B
    Medical Service - Specialist Practice Medical Clinic

  • Best service ever on internet

    Jhirmal S
    Hire Car Service - With Driver

  • BizCover are posiibly the easiest and best insurer I deal with. I ALWAYS recommend them to business associates.

    Roger T
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consulting Service

  • Easy & intuitive website for generating multiple professional indemnity quotes. Good personal follow-up by friendly brokers.

    Malindi M
    Management Consulting Service

  • Easy and quick to use and good value for money...

    Scott B
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Easy process ... very good prices

    Raja Imran S
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consultant (Including Installation)

  • easy to access online good tool

    Li C
    Migration Agency Service

  • Easy to deal with and has good support

    Robert H
    Carpenter/Carpentry Services

  • Easy to renew and update change of address. Best service so far.. thanks

    Andrew R
    Telecommunication Services

  • Easy, affordable, good features

    Grant m
    Forestry Management Consulting Service

  • Good

    Sarmad J
    Office Cleaning Services

  • good

    HUA Y
    Builder - House Construction Alteration Or Renovation

  • good

    Nabina S
    Commercial Cleaning Services

  • good

    Fengci Z
    Photography Service (Except Aerial Photography Motion Picture Production Or Photographic Film Processing)

  • Good

    Stefan T
    Commercial Cleaning Services

  • Good

    Shane P
    Concrete Footpath Construction

  • Good

    Han K
    Security System Installation

  • good

    Ganesh R
    Registered Training Organisation

  • good

    Summer M
    Photography Service (Except Aerial Photography Motion Picture Production Or Photographic Film Processing)

  • good and fast

    Philip S
    Fencing Contractor

  • good and fast. Great

    Paul H
    Laser Cutting Of Client Supplied Materials - Metal

  • Good customer service and competitive pricing

    Max K
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consultant (Including Installation)

  • Good experience

    Varun B
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Good Friendly user

    Rahman N


    Kayse J
    Disabilities Assistance Service

  • Good job!

    Wannisa P
    Massage Therapy Service

  • Good options

    Dale B
    Landscape Construction

  • Good prices and offers.

    Hussain J

  • good process

    Rupesh J
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consultant (Excluding Installation of Hardware)

  • Good process, but it pains me to pay for it .

    David P
    Management Consulting Service

  • Good process, easy to complete online.

    Rico A
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • Good process, easy to navigate, thanks

    Wanda S
    Bookkeeping and BAS Agency Services

  • good service

    Sheng-Lung C
    Information Technology Services (IT)

  • good service and the comparison of what is covered / not covered, excess etc is great and time saving.

    Faith W
    Management Consulting Service

  • good service level with lowest price!

    Kwanghee L
    Building Inspection Service

  • Good Service. Got a prompt call from the Customer Service. Cleared few questions. Bought the policy online.

    Piyush M
    Information Technology (IT) / Computer Consultant (Including Installation)

  • Good Services first time use and nothing to compare to at this stage. Thank you

    Janelle M
    Domestic Cleaning Services


    Jesse V
    Computer Programming Service

  • good so far as we just bought it get cover for an event

    Moya O
    Psychic Service

  • Good stuff

    Travis L


    Victor V
    Disabilities Assistance Service

  • good user interface - very easy to fill in

    Paul B
    Computer Programming Service

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Insurance by industry

BizCover understands the insurance needs of both businesses and professionals and that’s why our comprehensive insurance offerings include: Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Business Insurance, Management Liability, Cyber Insurance and Tax Audit.

At BizCover, we are aware that those who operate in varying industries, often have specific insurance needs and so we aim to provide a policy to suit you and your business.

All the policies we source for your industry suit your line of work. With no silly extras you’ll never use, and nothing you don’t need. We get what makes the small business tick – and we’re passionate about getting our customers the right cover at the right price.

Industries & Occupations

We can arrange tailored cover for over 6,000 occupations and growing. Here is a list of just some of them:

If your profession or occupation is not listed, just click here and you will be able to find your specific industry or occupation.