How to get more clients for your cleaning business

One of the vital things to running a successful cleaning business is to make sure that you keep growing your client base. This can involve a bit of planning and strategy which is worth the effort for the long haul. So if you’ve been thinking ‘ how do I grow my cleaning business’, we’ve got some tips for you!

Here are some of the ways you can boost and get more clients for your cleaning business and keep those vacuum engines revving!

1. Spread your wings

Your cleaning business has undoubtably changed since you first started with things like improving your skill set and learning more about the cleaning industry. If you’ve started out taking on small domestic jobs, now might be the time to start putting those skills and knowledge to the test by expanding into other areas of cleaning.

Understanding your target markets, your capabilities and the types of jobs that you are able to take on are some of the initial things you can undertake when considering the expansion of your business and the type of cleaning work you may offer.

Types of new cleaner business ideas beyond domestic cleaning jobs may include:

  • Contracts with local real estate agents for end-of lease cleans and holiday rentals
  • Cleaner work at local sports clubs and gyms
  • Cleaner work at retail stores or even larger scale jobs like shopping centres

2. Online marketing

The good thing about online marketing these days, is that you don’t need to be a marketing genius to help boost your cleaning business’ online presence.

These are some cleaning business marketing ideas that you start to help grow your business:

  • Create a website- platforms like WordPress and Wix offer a mix of paid and free options to create and customise your own cleaning business website. If the budget allows you may want to look at hiring a professional website builder to help get you started and manage your site
  • Invest in ads- Facebook, Instagram and Google ads are just some examples of some of the types of ads that you can use to help promote your cleaning business online. They are relatively flexible and allow you to be in control of your budget.
  • Get involved with online communities- locally based groups within your community are a great way to reach out to potential clients and to also be involved as a business. People will often ask if someone can recommend a business to do certain jobs, and by building a trusted reputation, word of mouth can soon become your new best friend!

3. Harness the power of customer reviews

Customer reviews can sometimes go under the radar, but they are a goldmine when it comes to helping build your cleaning business’ reputation, especially online. These are some things you can do to help make sure you are making the most of your client review opportunities.

  • Ask your customers to give feedback after you have competed a cleaning job for them
  • Make sure you have an easy-to-use platform for them to share their feedback/review. This could be through your business’ Facebook page, your website or Google business listing for example
  • If you receive rave reviews, make sure you put these kind words to good use. You might want to look at sharing it as a social media post for example to let others know what your customers are thinking.

4. Reviewing your cleaning business’ insurance

As your business grows and your start to take on different types of cleaning jobs and activities you need to ensure that your business is still adequately protected with the right kinds of insurance and levels of cover. These are some of the things to keep in mind when reviewing your cleaning business’ insurance policy.

  • As your business grows and takes on more clients you may start hiring more workers which can potentially increase the risk of things going wrong with your cleaning business. For your existing policies you may need to increase your staff numbers and even the type of cleaning business activities that are covered by your policy
  • If you start to take on jobs for larger organisations, your contract may require you to hold a specific level of cover for Public Liability insurance* for example. Make sure you have the right level and type cover in place before you pick up that mop!
  • You may find that your business is exposed to different kinds of risks and requires different kinds of insurance cover. An example could be with your online customer databases, you may want to look at Cyber Liability insurance* to help protect this sensitive data from a potential attack.

Getting insurance for your cleaning business’ insurance sorted doesn’t need to be a dusty one! At BizCover we believe arranging your business insurance should be free from hassles, confusing lingo and mountains of paperwork. Jump online or give us a call today to find out how we can help with your cleaning business insurance needs.

* This information is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording.

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