Small business grant up to $5,000 for grabs!

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 About BizGiver 

Every success story starts with a dream… 

BizGiver is how we realise those dreams for the small business community, the unsung heroes who drive our economy. Ignored for too long, we believe it’s always their time to shine.

That’s why every six months, BizCover will grant a $5,000 wish to one deserving business owner. More than just a prize, it’s our way of recognising the dedication, sacrifice, and commitment that small business owners invest in their dreams.  

Since 2014, we’ve awarded almost $100,000 in prizes, including SEO packages, advertising, hardware, and training. If your wish can be invoiced, it can become a reality. 

So share that dream and let us help you bring it to life.

How to enter?

In a one-minute video or less, tell us about a product or service that will help you spark a new revenue stream, or just make your small business life a little easier. 

Here is the information you will be asked to submit for entry: 

  1. Your wish request – Link of video submission 
  2. Cost of wish request 
  3. Full Name 
  4. Business Name 
  5. ABN 
  6. Business registration date 
  7. Email Address 
  8. Link to website/social media (optional) 
  9. Link to relevant information of wish request (optional) 
  10. A photo of the participant which can be used for social media 
  11. A photo of your business or products which can be used for social media 
  12. A copy of the business logo which can be used for social media 
  13. Are you, or have you ever been a BizCover customer? 



  • Make sure your video doesn’t exceed the 1-minute mark. We might grant some extra seconds but beware of length! 
  • Your business wish MUST be under $5,000 (incl. GST) and disclosed in your video! Note, wwill not be giving away cash. 
  • Don’t forget to submit your video along with other required information. 
  • Gentle reminder – Entries that don’t meet the requirements above may not be considered. 


Need a nudge in the right direction? Here are some prompts to help you tell your story. Pick the ones that suit you best: 

  • What is your business about? 
  • How are you feeling about the future of your business? 
  • Why is it important to support small businesses? 
  • What are your goals for your business? 
  • What makes your business unique? 


T&Cs apply. To read full terms click here. 

If you have any more questions about the competition, check out our FAQs.

Some of Our Previous Winners

2018 winner Ellen Burns is owner of We Bar None, a health and environmentally-conscious snack food company. Winning the grant allowed her to purchase a new laptop, helping her day-to-day business operations run more smoothly.

2019 winner Beauty Laine is a home salon owned by Elaine O’Hara. Winning this prize has helped her provide up to date skin treatments, with the highest quality Dermal Pen device, at affordable prices.

2020 winner Dragon Tao Kung Fu is a martial arts school which teaches adults and children’s classes, as well as women’s self-defence.  Owner Scott Smith wished for a camera which would allow him to hold online lessons during the COVID-19 lockdown.

2021 winner Ebony Parker is a disability and aged care support worker located in Nambucca Heads, NSW. She wished for an iPad to help her access client files on the go, record mandatory notes after each shift, manage her roster and send invoices more efficiently. 

2022 winner Paid 4 U Cafe is on a mission to feed the homeless and less fortunate. Owner Georgi wished for a commercial fridge to store ready-to-eat meals, enabling them to extend their outreach and offer quality meals free of charge.

2023 winner Rebecca Palmer brings art to life in South Australia through her mural projects. She wished for an iPad and projector to allow her to undertake larger and more complex mural designs with ease.

“It makes a huge difference winning this prize, I can now purchase much needed tools and free up money for other business costs.”

 – New Sapphire Coast Mobile Mechanic – Previous BizGiver Winner

Key Entry Criteria

You must be a Small Business.

This means 20 or less employees. If you’re a one man band that’s also perfect.

You must have a valid ABN.

This is to make sure that you are an actual business. If you have a venture that hasn’t quite started, we ask that you wait until you’ve gotten an ABN.

Wish for an item or service.

All wishes would need to be for an actual product or service – anything that would help your business. The lucky winner will place the order for the chosen prize and send the invoice to BizCover.

Note, we will not be giving away cash. 

Wish away!

While we only award one wish to the value of up to $5,000 (incl. GST), you can enter as many times as you’d like! 

BizGiver Testimonials

Suicide Prevention Trainer

“As a projector is necessary for my services, winning this grant helped make my business so much more professional,” says Joshua Roach.

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Pure Flowers

BizGiver, “gave me the ability to enhance our website with interesting and relevant content, which ultimately helped boost rankings and web hits.”

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Deviant Distillery

 “BizGiver is one of the few opportunities young businesses have to alleviate some of the financial burden faced when trying to grow their brand.”

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