Spring 2020 BizGiver Winner to Spend Grant on Life Saving Equipment

2020 has been an incredibly tough year for a lot of people, small business owners especially. Here at BizCover, we saw our customers struggling to keep their doors open and did what we could to help by deferring their insurance payments, keeping their livelihoods and their small businesses protected during the pandemic. We also continued our long-running small business grant competition, BizGiver. 

Each quarter, we give one lucky small business owner a $2,000 grant towards the purchase of a good or service that they can use to help grow their business.  

We received a huge number of entries for this round and it was extremely difficult to choose 10 finalists.  

After a two-week voting period that saw hundreds of friends, families and even loyal customers of these businesses coming out to vote for their shot at winning the grant, only one small business came away with the most votes. 

Based in Bundaberg, Kyal Bones is a disability support worker who has been operating as a sole trader for the past year. We spoke to Kyal about how winning the prize will help grow his business. 


Why did you start your business?  

I started my business after seeing that there was a growing need for specialised services in the disability support sector that emphasised on 1-on-1 rehabilitation and the client’s independence. 

Why did you enter the BizGiver competition? Why did you wish for your particular wish?  

I entered because it gave me the opportunity to provide more acute services when the possibility of them unfold. People with disabilities are sometimes limited in their abilities to express their current distress. Thgrant will be used to attain lifesaving equipment to help safeguard against certain situations and help my clients as much as possible.  

What does being a small business owner mean to you? Why do you love your job?  

Being a small business owner gives me the ability to provide the service I believe everyone should expect. It allows me to set a standard for my service which I think should be the benchmark for all providers in the industry. I love my job because it allows me to open more doors and possibilities to my clients with options that were previously closed or unknown to them. There is nothing more satisfying in helping my clients achieve their goals, whether that be accessing the community more, building their independence and support networks, or going on their dream holiday to see monster trucks just to get a glance of that pure form of joy. 

How will winning this prize help your business?  

Winning this prize will allow me to provide life-saving treatment with the right equipment (AED first-aid machine) to those who need it most. This was never just about my business but also what it can do for my clients and the greater community. 

Where do you see your business in 5 years’ time?  What are your growth goals?  

Growth in most businesses is seen as success. For myself, I see growth as something that can potentially hinder the focus on the level of care and passion for your clients, as well as the attention to detail. SoI would love to not necessarily build up my own business, but help establish and support other private businesses with the same level of commitment to later cultivate relationships and agreements with them. 

What are the biggest challenges your business faces? Will winning the award help? 

For the most part, it’s contending with the limited access to some venues due to the lack of accessibility for the disabled. Too many places either don’t have the lifesaving equipment available or are not labelling it correctly. Having the equipment myself means I will have it on hand, allowing me to solely focus on providing the care my clients need. 

What have been your biggest achievements?  

Besides my children and the relationship I have with my partner, helping my clients attain their goals is high on the list of my achievementsIt is the best way to measure the level of commitment between myself and my clients. Some goals have always been hindered by red tape, be it going to a theme park or swimming with dolphins. This means some clients have been waiting years or decades to finally tick something off their bucket list. To be able to provide a people-oriented service, saying that your goals are attainable and making them happen, is a feeling that is not measured in numbers or graphs.

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