Studio Lane Hair Boutique wins the 38th BizGiver Competition


Studio Lane Hair Boutique wins the 38th BizGiver Competition

Giving back to the small business community is something we’re immensely proud of. In addition to being committed to providing world-class customer service, 4 times a year we run our BizGiver grant competition, where one lucky small business owner has the chance to win $2000 to go towards helping grow their business.

The winner of the 38th BizGiver grant was Renae Tupper, who owns Studio Lane Hair Boutique.

After 26 years of hairdressing, Renae finally opened her own salon. Operating out of Paradise Point in the Gold Coast, Studio Lane Hair Boutique is best known for providing excellent customer service in a fun, friendly and relaxed environment.

Renae decided to open her own salon because she wanted to create a positive, fun and motivating place to work.

“I want to pass on my hairdressing skills to younger generations so one of my main goals is to teach and train apprentices.”

Renae wished for a brand-new Apple iMac computer. She entered the competition because she knew that by having a salon-based computer, it would greatly improve the efficiency and productivity of the business.

When asked what being a small business owner means to her, Renae said it was embracing the need to learn new things in order to take advantage of opportunities as well as overcoming the challenges that came with it. Renae’s favourite part of the job is getting the chance to be creative whilst helping women feel better and more confident about themselves.

As for the biggest challenges the salon currently faces is that everything is being run on Renae’s personal phone. Renae says this “makes it extremely difficult for staff members to access the appointment schedule and client details – especially when I am away from the salon.”

That’s where winning the BizGiver grant comes in. Renae says that getting a computer for the salon will be an immense help in a variety of ways.

“The computer will allow me to implement an online booking system and a permanent point of sales system. tracking sales, purchases, client details, photos, documents and schedules. Staff will also have easy access to client details and the appointment schedule whenever they need it. It will certainly help our business be more productive, run a lot smoother and be more professional.”

Renae also hopes to use it to eventually launch marketing and email campaigns with the goal of helping the business expand.

We asked Renae where she sees her business in 5 years’ time. She envisions her salon having a loyal and motivated team of staff who are renowned for providing excellent customer service.

“My aim is for our staff to be knowledgeable and highly skilled.  I would like to hope that we will be the go-to salon for colours.”

For a number of years, Renae had been operating a salon out of her home. Only 18 months ago she began renting a chair within a salon. It was only 2 months ago that Renae took that next, very exciting and daunting step in what has been her biggest achievement yet, opening her own salon.

If there’s anything to take away from Renae’s accomplishments in her career as a hairdresser, it’s that you should always dream big and never give up!

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