Real Bodies Runners takes home the top prize in the 37th BizGiver competition


Real Bodies Runners takes home the top prize in the 37th BizGiver competition

Greg Leitch was 160kg before he decided to turn things around. In a period of 12 months he shed 60kg – serving as the inspiration for what would one day become his personal training and run coaching business, Real Bodies Runners.

Operating out of Seabrook, Melbourne for 3 years now, Greg Leitch is immensely proud of what Real Bodies Runners has accomplished, saying it helps people “achieve things they never thought possible.”

After discovering a love for running in his weight loss journey, Greg also developed a passion for helping people accomplish the same thing.

“It is when they realise that they can you see that sense of achievement.  I just want people to prove to themselves that they can achieve some amazing things if they are willing to step outside their comfort zone and allow me to help them”, says Greg.

Greg likes to think Real Bodies Runners is known for being a supportive and encouraging place for people to try something new.

“Knowing that I have been in their shoes and everything they are feeling is something I have felt, I just never had the support network to rely on for answers.”

Greg’s reason for starting his business was simple. He wanted to help people achieve their goals, no matter what they were. Whether it be to run their first non-stop kilometre or to train for their first marathon, Greg wanted to give them the guidance they needed to do it, without overtraining them or following a program that isn’t suited to their current ability or fitness level.

“I want more people to experience the joy of running and the amazing inclusiveness of the running community.”

Greg, like all small business owners, must always be very cost-conscious when it comes to expenses for the business. Not having the extra funds needed to buy promotional materials, it wasn’t until he received an email notifying him of the BizGiver competition did he think there was an opportunity to change his situation.

Greg wished for some advertising banners and merchandise to help grow his brand at his Learn to Run Club and at local events where his runners take part.

For Greg, the part he loves the most about being a small business owner is that he’s able to give back to the local community and help people in any way he can.

Despite being a personal trainer and running coach in an area that has an overabundance of both he believes he gains an edge due to most not having been in his situation.

“Losing 60kgs as a middle-aged man, having 4 kids, dealing with depression and using this to relate to people that are going through their own issues and helping them to realise that getting fit and healthy both physically and mentally can be done, it just has to fit into your own lifestyle.  Helping people do that is amazing.”


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With 2018 being a huge year for us, I wanted to share some of the amazing memories I have been fortunate to share with my runners. Not all of them involved events and bling because there are so many special moments that don’t happen at events. Thank you to everyone that has supported me during the year, thank you to all my amazing runners no matter what distance or time you run, it is irrelevant because you all are amazing in my eyes by getting out there and making a positive change. All I can say is watch this space for the amazing feats that will be achieved in 2019 by this group and more. #onlineruncoach #personaltraining #personaltrainer #runs #runner #runners #runningcommunity #runnersofinstagram #runnerscommunity #runnnersofinstagram #inspiration #instarunners #instagramrunners #mindset #marathon #motivation #marathontraining #halfmarathon #halfmarathontraining #fit #fitness

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Winning the BizGiver means Greg is able to get his name out there on a bigger scale. “People will now see my brand at events on both runners and on the marquee and banners.”

In 5 years’ time Greg hopes to be simply coaching a lot more runners to achieve their goals.

“My growth goals are just to continue the way we have been by producing results.  Currently most of the growth is through the local market, but the online coaching is to become more of a focus as well. I have been successfully coaching a number of runners interstate and it appears to be catching on.”

As for short terms goals, Greg is also trying to raise the profile of mental health issues within Australia and raise money and awareness for Movember in 2019 by running 2,019 kilometres this year as well as undertaking 12-13 half marathons, 2 marathons and a 50km event. He also hopes to do all this under the banner of Real Bodies Runners to promote his brand and to get more people with mental health issues to take up running and see how this can benefit their wellbeing.

Two of Greg’s biggest achievements begin with coaching a couple of runners to the point that they were able to run their first marathon, and the second being that one of his runners who battles depression has since come off their medication due to the positive impact running has had on their mental health.

“Being able to support someone and help enable change in their life is amazing and something I am very proud of.”

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