PT@Home is the runner-up in our BizGiver grant competition

Fitness industry veteran Carrie Templeton has worked as an instructor, personal trainer and transformation specialist for the last 18 years.

For the last 10 years however, she’s been running her own personal training business, PT@Home.

Operating out of her own studio in Portland, Victoria, Carrie says PT@Home is about guiding her clients through their health and fitness journey, as well as delivering them results and helping them make sustainable lifestyle changes along the way.

“We are a small private studio,” says Carrie, “no wall to wall mirrors or lycra wearing aerobic queens! Just everyday locals who want to improve their lifestyles.”

Before starting PT@Home, Carrie worked in various commercial gyms; where over the years she would watch members come and go. She took notice of the fact that it always seemed that the ones that stayed were already fit and healthy. She would wonder where all the unfit and overweight clients who really needed guidance went. To help combat this, Carrie wanted to create a business where people of all shapes and sizes felt welcome and accepted and not intimidated by others who had already achieved their goal.

BizGiver typically only awards a grant of $2000 to one lucky small business owner. In this round however, due to us having such an overwhelming response we felt we had to give a little extra. Carrie was our runner up and the recipient of a $500 prize which she used to purchase a paddleboard! Carrie was ecstatic when she won and already put her plans into motion for how it would be used to help grow her business.

“With it, I can broaden my client base to cover more people with disability, making their journey to improved strength a bit more fun!”

Carrie’s wish stemmed from the fact that she had been paddle boarding in her free time for the past 5 years – a hobby which initially started as some physiotherapy to help with a shoulder injury. Carrie decided to enter the BizGiver competition because she thought it would be great idea to be able to take her clients paddling on Portland’s picturesque harbour while assisting with improving their strength and balance.

Carrie has also just completed Certificate 4 in Disability and is starting to train more clients with disability. “There are a couple of clients who have difficulties with their strength and balance on one particular side of their bodies.”

Carrie first took Molly out to test the paddle board. “I will be doing paddling each week with Molly to help improve her balance and strength down her left side after she suffered and acquired brain injury after a brain tumour.”

Like most small business owners, Carrie is often confronted by the daunting prospects that come with being solely responsible for keeping the lights on.

“Being a small business owner means I am totally responsible for EVERYTHING that happens within my business; the good, the bad and the ugly. I am totally accountable and have no-one else to blame if something stuffs up!”

However, the love of the job makes it all worth it in the end for Carrie.

“I love that my business is small enough so that every client feels like they are getting personal service. We are not a big gym that issues members with a number and is only interested in their payments coming out. We focus on results and help out in several ways to guide our clients.”

As for the future of PT@Home, in 5 years’ time Carrie imagines she will be winding back her business to be operational for just the warmer months of the year.

“I will still be able to operate all aspects of my business, just slightly reduced. I hope to have another trainer who can continue running during the winter months, so my husband and I can travel. I will also be continuing to train clients with disability.”

All small businesses face obstacles that need to be overcome, PT@Home is no different.

“The biggest challenges I face with my business is competing with the growth of online trainers (who are selling products, have little experience and are just interested in making money).”

However, Carrie thinks that winning the award has shown the public that she is genuinely invested in her business and helping people of all abilities.

When asked what she considered her biggest achievements were since starting PT@Home, Carrie said its “Homwaking up every Monday morning excited to be going to work.”

“My job is inspirational, satisfying and gives me great pleasure when my clients achieve amazing results. I have been operating a successful small business from my home for 10 years and want to continue doing so until the day I retire!”

If you, or someone you know could use a $2000 grant to help boost their small business then you’re in luck, BizGiver runs all year round. Enter here.

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