Mumpreneurs Guide: Tools and Tips to help run your own business- Part 2

In part 2 of our series on Mumpreneurs, we ask our multi-tasking mums what tools and tricks help them to keep things balanced. From useful apps to learning to sharing the load with others, these powerhouse mums share their insights. 

Tools and tips

Sharon Melamed, Owner of Matchboard

When it comes to multitasking, Sharon is a fan of the following 3 things to assist her get through the day: 

  1. Adopt a policy with family members, “If it’s not in the calendar, it doesn’t happen!” to avoid clashes between work and family commitments. 
  2. Set up a WhatsApp family group to communicate rapidly with all family members if you are running late from a meeting etc.
  3. Enlist the help of family members with your business to get them involved and make them feel they are part of it!

Reeva Cutting, Owner of Cutting Edge Digital

Juggling being a mum, running her business, a blog and working for another company, Reeva has plenty of experience when it comes to doing it all. 

“My biggest tip to stay organised is to plan ahead and use lists! I use 3 different kinds for work – my online Google calendar, a weekly to do list (hand written each Sunday evening before the week starts) and a whiteboard which lists key tasks to be done each month. I find if I write things done it’s so much more likely to get done then if I just try to remember what I need to do.” 

While Reeva uses her lists mostly for work-related tasks, she likes to include sections for home and family events like school events, medical appointments and catch-ups too. 

Clea Sherman Owner of Freelance Copywriter

For freelance copywriter Clea it’s all about ‘many hands make light work’, embracing the power of outsourcing to help keep things balanced.  

First, I have recognised the value of outsourcing. Instead of trying to do it all, I outsource as much as I can. I have a virtual assistant who helps me with work (I call her the new me) and I have a housekeeper who pops in once a week to tidy up as well as a cleaner. This gives me headspace as well as an organised house. 

To help stay focused with her work, Chea puts her children into care. She says this allows her to be fully present when she is away from her desk. Being part of a supportive group of mothers, means they can work together and help each other with things like pick-ups and drop-offs.

This seems to be a lost art! I love having an extra tot in tow for the daycare run a couple of times a week and it means my amazing friend can kick butt in her city-based creative director role without going insane. 

Chea is also a fan of prioritising her tasks. This often means avoiding things like social media or scrolling through a news platform when there are other things which may need her attention. Instead, she likes to put her time and energy into things which can help her grow her skill set and business. 

I upskill by listening to podcasts when I am driving or when I am doing chores so it doesn’t eat into my time with the kids.

And I love ‘shortcut software’ like Calendly to arrange meetings, Trello to see what I need to do each day and the good old phone reminder to tell me it is time to leave the house! 

Catch up on more tips and advice in part 1 of our mumpreneurs series, where we explore advice for mums looking at starting up their own business. If you would like to be involved in our series drop us a line in the comments below.  

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