Why do landscape designers need insurance?

Landscape designers excel at creating beautiful, pleasing, and welcoming natural environments, and their masterful work can be found at public parks, golf courses, residential properties, botanical gardens, and commercial properties, as well as in all manner of built environments.

Landscape architect design backyard plan for villa

While designing and establishing pleasing outdoor environments, being a landscape architect also comes with the responsibility for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional outdoor environments.

As with any other small business, there are inherent risks involved in running a landscape design business. Nasty incidents and accidents could put financial strain on your landscape design operation – and potentially completely bring your landscape design business to a screeching halt.

However, insurance for landscape architects is designed to reduce your exposure to the common risks in landscape design work. Indeed, landscape designer insurance is a key consideration when planning how you will reduce your exposure to on-the-job landscape design risks.

Four essential types of landscape designer insurance

As a landscape designer, it’s likely you visit various sites and meet with clients at your office, their office, or out in public. Here are four types of business insurance that your business can invest in to reduce your exposure to on-the-job risks.

Public Liability

As a landscape designer, it’s likely you visit sites; meet with clients at your office, their office, or out in public. Public Liability insurance is designed to protect your business from claims made by a client, contractor, or a member of the public for accidental injury or damage to their property. This could arise from an incident on your business premises, or as a direct result of your business operations.

Professional Indemnity

Professional Indemnity may cover your business against claims where clients are unhappy with your work, and allege your service or advice caused them financial loss. It includes cover for some legal costs and financial compensation you are ordered to pay as a result of a client suing you for your service.

Business Insurance

Business Insurance such as landscaping insurance is designed to protect your business and its assets (including equipment) against certain unexpected events. For example, it can include cover for damage to business premises and/or equipment caused by fire, storm, theft, and other insured events. This type of landscape designer insurance is considered essential for small business owners.

Cover is also available for damage to money (if you keep cash on premises), and portable contents such as mobile phones and laptops. A key feature of this policy is Business Interruption, which can provide protection for lost revenue in the event your business is unable to operate as usual due to an insured event.

Management Liability

If you own your own business, you’re likely responsible for making some big decisions. Management Liability insurance is designed to cover you and your business against actual or alleged mismanagement of your business. Management Liability insurance can also help cover employment practices claims made against you by current or former employees.

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