Digital Marketing Tips for Cabinet Makers

Even the best cabinetmaker needs new business and customers. While several professional woodworkers depend on word of mouth advertising, connecting with future customers is best accomplished by using multiple marketing techniques.

Several cabinet makers fail simply due to a lack of consistent business. It’s difficult for any start-up to be a success, if the customers who live or work near your location have no idea that you’re open for business. To accomplish this crucial step, and ensure you start your cabinetry business on the right foot, you’ll need to engage a few simple marketing techniques that we’ll outline in this article.

Create an Adaptive + Responsive Website

How do you search for local service providers? If you’re like most of today’s consumers, you’ll likely locate them by searching Google on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or desktop computer. When you type in the search term, such as ‘cabinet maker in my city’ – a listing of local businesses will appear. It’s then up to the searching customer to select one, which is typically a business listing with their website clearly notated.

However, what happens if they click that business website and it doesn’t look right on their mobile device, tablet, or laptop? This is a major problem that will instantly reduce credibility among the potential customer and that business. To avoid this issue, it’s important to develop a mobile friendly or adaptive + responsive website. This type of web design is not as expensive as in years past, as many web developers use high-quality templates that can be customized for each business type.

The key is to invest the money in building a clean, neat, and professionally designed website that can be accessed easily from multiple devices. This important marketing technique helps to create a strong relationship of trust from the first time a customer finds your website.

List Your Business for Free on Google My Business

Google is a powerful and important tool for local businesses to master. It’s easier to dominate Google listings than you’d think – and will not cost a lot of money to do so. Your website is up and running, the next step is to create a business listing through Google My Business. This platform allows a local business owner to set-up a solid platform to begin their online presence.

Google My Business permits businesses to list their name, address (with Google Maps), their phone numbers, website and email contact information. This platform also permits users to leave reviews, which the business owner can directly reply and connect with previous customers. Not only does this help you attract new customers, but also takes care of any possible issues before they spiral out of control.

The Google My Business listing will also allow you to post pictures of your location and the services you provide. For a cabinet maker, it’s an exceptional and free opportunity to showcase your talents and custom cabinetry skills.

Networking Tips for Cabinet Makers

Networking is a crucial component of local marketing. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not reserved for corporate management. Today’s competitive business world thrives on relationships established through networking opportunities. Whether it’s connecting with local community groups, chamber of commerce, or online communities, you can benefit from engaging in some networking activities.

Networking allows you to create new business leads, especially when you connect with community groups comprised of homeowners or commercial property owners who are looking to refinish their cabinets or other woodworking items. You can also network with non-profit organisations and other business owners, to see if there are opportunities for you to work together or collaborate on projects.

The most important items to remember before attending any networking event or business opportunity, are business cards (with your contact information and website) and prepare a 30-second elevator pitch, which you can explain what you do to potential contacts.

How to Use Social Media Correctly

In most circumstances, you’ll use social media in conjunction with your website in order to engage, educate, and even entertain potential customers. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest or Instagram are great tools for cabinet manufacturers to not only display their projects and work, but to educate visitors and social media users about your skilled craft.

Social media marketing is completely free to set up. The key is to develop a strategy that allows you to connect with potential customers. In most cases, a small business may enlist a local marketing company to help with their initial social media activation. However, there are several free online tutorials that you can find on YouTube.com and other websites that will explain the best practices for setting up service-based business social accounts.

The best way to start is to develop your page or account. It’s best to start with just one or perhaps two social media platforms. For cabinet makers, consider Facebook and Pinterest to start.

Make It Easy for People to Contact You

A major mistake that many local businesses make is forgetting that customers have individual preferences as to where and how they communicate. To avoid the potential of not offering flexibility with communication, consider setting up a phone number, email, and social media messaging.

Provide Multiple Payment Options

While paying for credit card processing can be expensive, it makes sense to offer multiple payment options for customers of cabinet makers. There are several online payment portals like PayPal and others that you can set up to your office location that are simple to configure and permit you to adjust pricing to include any charges. Consider adding Apple and Android Pay platforms if you’re not already using them. Any cabinet making business should also consider insurance options.

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