How to write a cleaning business plan

All successful businesses owe their success, at least in some part, to a well-developed and precisely followed business plan. And that includes successful cleaning businesses of all shapes and sizes.

While it’s called a business ‘plan’, that may be selling it a little short. When strategically crafted and finely honed to include all the juicy, nitty gritty details, this document is more than a mere roughly outlined plan.

When carefully considered and developed leaving no leaf unturned, a business plan becomes a meticulous, closely examined, and finely polished roadmap that provides the path to follow to take your business to the promised land of sustained, long-term business success. A business plan provides reassurance that the future for your business isn’t just left to chance.

Sure, there are no guarantees in business, but when your long-term strategy is defined and documented in a business plan, the path to sustained business success becomes that much clearer. You know where you want to go, you know how to get there, and you know what getting there will mean for your business and your future. Underestimate the power of a great business plan at your peril.

As a business owner, a business plan simply gives you peace of mind by:

  • Clearing your thought process, enabling you to make better decisions.
  • Providing structure and helping to define your management goals.
  • Guiding your marketing strategy, including the creation of critical marketing elements such as unique value proposition (UVP), key messages, and tone of voice.

It’s also important to note that your business plan is not a static, set and forget document. It is a live document that you should review and adjust as needed. It also needs to include the important things that all active businesses require, such as details about your cleaners insurance policy.

Where to start with writing your cleaning company business plan

So, you’ve committed to creating a rock solid business plan for your cleaning business. By now you’ve probably done some online research around creating a business plan; you may have also reached out to your business mentor or fellow business owners for their advice.

But if you’re still searching for a sure-fire way to craft a strategic, carefully considered business plan for your cleaning business, read on for all you need to know. Following these steps will help you create a strategic plan for your cleaning business.

What to include in your cleaning business plan?

There are various business plan templates freely available online. Whichever template or format use choose for your cleaning company business plan, it needs to include five key elements:

  • Cover page
  • An executive summary.
  • A company description.
  • Market analysis.
  • Financial details.

Let’s take a closer look at each element and explain what they are and what details should and should not be included in each.

1. The cover page

The cover page of your business plan is where you make your first impression. So make a good one by presenting a clean, well-designed cover page that includes all of these details, and nothing more:

  • Business name.
  • Company logo.
  • Date (month/year).
  • Contact information.
  • Company’s address (head office only).
  • Your position in the business.

2. The executive summary

The executive summary section of your cleaning business plan is where you place the mission statement for your business. This is arguably the most critical part of your business plan – it’s the ‘why’ behind everything your business does. Sitting at the top of your business plan, make your executive summary short, sharp, and to the point. Use it to make a great first impression to clients, potential employees, and future investors in your business.

If you’ve only just recently launched your business, also include some key financial information and your plans for winning new clients and growing the business. Likewise, if your cleaning business has been around for a number of years, include information about your market share, your largest clients, company milestones, and recent financial performance.

4. Your company profile

A company profile is simply a detailed description of your cleaning business; think of it as a detailed view of your business. Here is where you include important details such as what types of cleaning services your business provides, what types of clients your business works with, and how your cleaning services and flavour of customer service sets your cleaning business apart from your competition.

This section of your cleaning business plan also should include the following key details:

  • Company legal structure.
  • Ownership and management information.
  • All services provided.
  • Marketing plan and strategies.

5. Market analysis

Your business plan should include some information about the general economic conditions of the geographical area you plan on servicing. It should also include key details such as the pricing of your cleaning services and how your pricing has taken into consideration your target industries and clients.

It should also include some well-researched competitor analysis. When presenting data in your business plan, be sure to make it easier to digest by making it visual. Use charts and infographics liberally to visually represent the data and figures you include.

6. Financial details

Sooner or later you’ll be presenting your cleaning business plan to investors, banks, and business insurance providers. When explaining your business to these key external stakeholders, they will appreciate transparency into the financial standing of your business.

In this section of your cleaning company’s business plan, include both financial projections as well as the financial history of the business. The more clarity you can give here, the better. Critical financial details such as balance sheets, cash flow estimates, projections, financial history, and capital expenditure plans should all sit in this section of your cleaning company’s business plan.

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