BizCover Chinese language site launches!

BizCover has achieved an Australian first in Business Insurance yet again, launching our Chinese language website for our Chinese speaking customers.


Close to 500,000 Australian residents are Chinese born nationals, with a further 1,500 Chinese people moving to the country every month1. Many of these residents are embracing the Aussie entrepreneurial spirit and starting up new businesses.

Whilst most of these new Australians can speak English, they often struggle when it comes to the jargon and complexities of signing up for financial services, such as credit cards and insurance.

With an increasing number of customers requesting to speak to a Mandarin speaking consultant to translate questions and terms, BizCover has recognised that these customers needed an easier way of applying for their insurance.

The new website provides a quick and easy way for these customers to get a quote and buy their insurance online, without having to seek help.

Michael Gottlieb, Managing Director of BizCover, says “Our business has always been about simplifying the process of getting insurance for Small Business, and when we realised that one of the biggest hurdles for the Australian Chinese community was understanding basic terms, we decided that there was something we could do about it”.

Customers can now visit www.bizcover.com.au/cn and get a translated version of the main website and once they apply for their insurance each question is provided in English with a Chinese translation.

Switching between the English and Chinese language versions of the BizCover site is easy with language flags integrated in the website header.

Gottlieb added, “with ASIC keen to make insurance more accessible to the non-English speaking community, we hope this will be the first of many international language sites for BizCover”.

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