Year of the Dog – Customer Spotlight: Paws & Claws Adoption

In celebration of the Year of the Dog, we look at one of our wonderful customers working with dogs and other animals; Paws and Claws Adoptions, that works tirelessly to find a home for rescued animals.

Started in 2014 as a Home Rescue Service, Paws & Claws Adoptions is a small self-funded volunteer group located in South Australia dedicated to caring for and finding “furever” homes for abandoned and surrendered animals.

By enabling fostering and promoting adoption, Paws & Claws Adoptions aims to re-home the rescued/surrendered animals into what they call their ‘furever’ home. An interim foster home ensures animals are kept in a family environment to help them better adjust to new homes.

“A big moment most recently is when we assisted in rescuing over 70 dogs from a puppy farm that has now been shut down.”

When asked about what he loves most about his volunteer role, Kane Li of Paws & Claws states a very powerful reason.

“Being able to make a difference in the lives of the animals that we rescue and seeing the wonderful families that adopt them,” he enthuses “Also meeting and connecting with so many wonderful, loving and caring volunteers. We can only do the work we do because of our volunteers!”

“I think that there are many moments every year that we as a rescue are proud of what we do,” he continues, “Finding a home for a single kitten, cat, puppy or dog is always an achievement for us.”

“A big moment most recently is when we assisted in rescuing over 70 dogs from a puppy farm that has now been shut down.”

Despite these successes, there are still many challenges that the company faces every day; too many cats that aren’t desexed; causing a kitten explosion every year, many people underprepared for the commitment of being a pet owner as well as finding enough financial support to keep their cause running.

“People buy cute puppies and kittens and are not able or willing to properly care for them their entire lives,” Li explains ‘these animals once adults, unfortunately, end up getting abandoned or surrendered to a rescue like ours.”

“A bigger challenge for us every week is finances.”

“Running a rescue is expensive; we survive because of community support and the donations given to help our cause and without the support of the community we would not be able to do the rescue work we do.”

If you would like to find out more about Paws & Claws Adoptions or donate please visit their website at https://www.pawsandclawsadoptions.com.au.

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