My working journey with BizCover

My name is Sam and I’m a Business Insurance Consultant with BizCover.

My journey with BizCover started just over two and a half years ago, in August 2015.

I had been working in a similar field within the Insurance Industry for five years and had an old colleague who had joined BizCover.

He told me that he loved working at BizCover, what was involved with the role and it sounded like a great opportunity to expand my knowledge and join a business that was growing. To be able to work with multiple insurers, rather than one, was also a drawcard, as it’s rare to be able to get that kind of experience.

So, I applied and was lucky enough to be successful!

I started working at BizCover in a sales role. After a few months, I was promoted into the leadership team and was able to train and mentor newer sales consultants, as well as have a say in how to improve things and how processes should be run.

Even on top of that, when I felt the need to travel, everyone was really supportive. Bizcover allowed me to take leave for 2 months and they held my position open for when I got back.

Upon returning home, I found that I wanted to focus more on my personal life and it couldn’t have been easier, as they let me go straight back into a sales role.

However, the biggest change in my work life occurred a year ago when I found out I was going to be a mother.

Returning to work after having a baby is never an easy thing. I am a first-time mum and money was starting to get tight, so I needed to consider returning to work a lot sooner than I had hoped for.

I was able to return to work before my baby had even turned 5 months old, as I was able to continue my role from home.

This meant I could save at least 3 hours a day in travelling to and from work and I could spend that extra time with my son. I also work a normal fulltime 38-hour week by doing compressed hours, 4 days a week. My partner and I also get a lot of help from our parents. We are in a very lucky position.

This flexibility has meant that I am able to continue to work in a role that I love, my partner and I are able to build our own home, and most importantly I am not sacrificing too much time with my son. I’m still able to earn commission and come back into the office whenever I need to touch base with the team or just need a day away.

A happy mom with a child

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