Why IT professionals should consider cyber insurance

As technology continues to advance and the reliance on digital systems grows, so does the threat of cyber-attacks.

Every day, businesses face the risk of data breaches, cyber fraud, and other types of digital attacks that can result in significant financial losses and harm to their reputation.

For IT professionals tasked with mitigating this risk, the question remains whether they feel confident enough to implement preventative cybersecurity measures without putting in a safeguard in case hackers get through.

It’s a tough one for IT professionals, says SME insurance expert Jane Mason, Head of Product, Channels and Risk at business insurance service BizCover.

“Whether you’re contracted or in-house, IT professionals are hired to stop cyber-attacks from happening. But as many in the industry already know, that is easier said than done,” she says.

“For IT professionals, it is important to consider the benefits of having a cyber insurance policy to protect against these risks and advocate for their businesses and clients to get protected.”

Lessons from recent cyber-attacks

There are three lessons to be learned from the recent spate of high-profile attacks.

Nearly all Australian businesses carry the risk of cybercrime

Australian businesses large and small, across nearly all industries, and regardless of cybersecurity spending, are at risk of cyber-attacks.

Companies that likely spend vast amounts of money on cybersecurity can still be undone and their data breached and exposed.

But this doesn’t mean that small-to-medium-sized businesses fly under the radar.

Nearly half of all SMEs spend less than $500 on cybersecurity and have an ‘average’ or ‘below average’ understanding of cybersecurity practices.

Sole traders are especially vulnerable to the risks they face because they have a lot of skin in the game.

There is no legal distinction between the business and the business owner under a sole proprietorship, meaning that the sole trader’s private assets can be tied into liability claims.

“Even the biggest organisations with large IT teams such as Optus and Midebank can fall victim to a cyber-attack,” says Mason.

“No matter how well prepared you are, recent events have shown that anyone can fall victim to an attack and being able to respond and recover will be essential to managing potential fallout such as reputational damage.”

Education across the organisation is key

Both the Optus and Medibank attacks largely came down to human error.

Optus left an application programming interface (API) – which is essentially a gateway to information – open online, allowing hackers to access sensitive customer data.

The Medibank attack, which released sensitive medical records of thousands of people, occurred simply because one single desk support worker didn’t have multi-factor identification.

“Approximately 95% of cybersecurity incidents occur through human error, and while people make mistakes, that number is simply too high,” says Mason.

“IT professionals only need to point to these examples to explain the impact a simple mistake can have on a company and why it’s important that every employee remains hypervigilant about cybersecurity.”

Cyber insurance is often as important as good cybersecurity practices

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, is that good cyber security practices are the first – and not the only – line of defense.

To put a number to a couple of recent attacks, Medibank said the hack will likely cost at least $25 million while the Optus data breach is said to cost $140 million.

The difference is Medibank had no cyber insurance policy in place whereas Optus did.

Not only would Medibank likely have to deal with the cost of recovering the data and investigating the attack, but they would likely need to account for business interruption costs and the expense of bolstering cyber defenses.

Then there is the cost of dealing with the hit to their reputation and the potential of being liable for fines and legal costs associated with the victims of the attack.

Why IT professionals should consider cyber insurance

Cyber insurance provides financial compensation for losses suffered as a result of a cyber-attack.

This can include reimbursement for costs associated with repairing systems, restoring data, and addressing any financial losses that may have resulted from the attack.
“Cyber insurance can help businesses manage this financial risk, allowing them to focus on their core business operations and minimise the impact of a cyber-attack,” says Mason.

Cyber insurance policies often include services such as legal and public relations support.

“This can help mitigate the damage to a business’ reputation that may result from a cyber-attack.”
Cyber insurance policies can also provide IT professionals with access to resources and expertise that can help them respond to a cyber-attack more effectively.

This can help IT professionals quickly address the situation, reduce the damage, and get systems back up and running more quickly.

What about your clients?

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