9 great reasons to become a certified tradie

Tradespeople are skilled professionals who possess a high degree of both theoretical and practical knowledge of their trade, be it plumbing, carpentry, electrical, concreting, painting, or bricklaying, to name a few.

Considered one of the more sought-after technical careers in Australia, skilled tradies are rarely out of work. Make no mistake, talented tradies enjoy enviable earning potential. And those with added experience or additional qualifications under their belt are paid even more handsomely.

What is a tradie?

A tradie’s job is tough and is one of the most physically demanding careers available. After all, there’s no cushy air-conditioning to enjoy when you’re working away on a construction site under the harsh Australian sun.

Whether you are considering becoming a sparky, a chippie, a brickie, or any other trade profession, here are nine exciting reasons that may entice you to pursue a career in the trades

1. Affordable education costs

Committing to a trade career means you won’t be burdened with HECS or HELP higher education loans. Instead, as a tradie in training you will get paid to learn the ropes during your apprenticeship, and you will emerge with a great trade qualification – minus a hefty higher education loan to repay.

2. Job security

Trade skills are in high demand, which also means that tradies demand is also high and you will soon appreciate why pursuing an apprenticeship is a great choice. Construction is booming throughout Australia, and there is a rising need for more housing and critical infrastructure throughout most Australian states.

In fact, given the population growth Australia is experiencing – we are now a nation of 26.1 million people – 2023 and the oncoming years will be a great time to pursue a career in the trades.

3. Get paid to train

Tradies get the best of both worlds when it comes to learning their craft. While all apprentices need to learn the theory behind their trade, they spend most of their time gaining hands-on experience in the field.

As a trade apprentice you will spend much of your time on site learning by doing. Better still, you will also be getting paid to learn; it’s a win-win for you.

4. Flexible working hours

Tradies work hard; there’s no denying that. However, tradies also have working hours that may make up and coming white collar professionals green with envy. While early starts may be the norm for tradies, the pay-off is that tradies often call it a day in the early to mid-afternoon.

This means they can spend the mid-afternoon hours making the most of those precious daylight hours. For some, that may mean getting to the golf course for an afternoon nine holes, or a visit to the gym, or to the beach for a surf. And let’s not forget that many tradies are self-employed, meaning they can pick and choose when and where they work because they are their own boss.

5. Multiple career paths

With tradies demand being high, tradies have numerous career paths to choose from. While tradies start out in the field, later in their careers they may be offered managerial positions, in which they may be responsible for running their own crews after grabbing the chance to broaden their scope and skill set.

6. How much do tradies earn and is trade profitable long-term?

A tradie’s wage will scale with their qualifications as they develop new skills and experience on the job. Tradies can complete additional training to earn additional licences, which can increase their earning potential. Further, many successful trade businesses companies started as sole traders and grew from there, hiring apprentices, tradespeople, and other staff over time. So is trade profitable? Well in many cases it certainly can be.

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7. Travel opportunities

As a general rule, qualified and skilled tradespeople can find work wherever they go. After all, you can’t outsource electricians or plumbers as you would for some white collar jobs. With many trade qualifications being recognised nationally, you can pack up the tools of your trade and relocate if needed, without compromising your trade career.

8. Job satisfaction

When you talk to tradespeople, one of the things they often mention is the very real sense of satisfaction they get from completing a job. It’s not uncommon for tradies to drive around an area or a neighborhood and see the sites that they have had a hand in creating.

It could be a house, landscaping, a commercial premises, an item of machinery or something else; there’s just a real sense of professional pride in knowing that you have built something tangible out of nothing using your trade skills and your sheer ingenuity.

9. Enjoy working in the great outdoors

As a tradie, you won’t be sitting in front of a computer all day, as the vast majority of trade work is done at your customers’ premises. You will be on the move and physically active throughout your day, working with tools and doing what you love.

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