What SME owners want you to know about starting a work from home business – part 3

Starting a business from home is the dream for many Aussies but there’s plenty to consider before taking the plungeWe’ve created a series of insights from home-based SME operators on what it’s really like. 

In the final part of our series, we chat about what our SME owners do to stay motivated. From exercising to sticking to a routine, these are their tips on how to get through the day. 

Sonia, Little Miss Purple

On those days when things get tough, Sonia focuses on the positives in her life to get through. 

There are definitely times when I feel like giving up. I feel like looking at Seek and getting a job. It definitely was simpler, easier on the bank accounts. 
BUT… I wouldnt change this for the world. Being at home. More time with my kids… I stay motivated by reminding myself every day that I did this because of ME. I am worth it. I will make it work. 

Mitchell, Pathfinder Alliance

Mitchell finds motivation by breaking up his day and getting active. 

Working out every day at lunchtime is a great way to break up the day and get the endorphins flowing. You dont need any equipment to get a good workout in at home by using body weight exercises. 

Katrina, Katrina Jane

Having a routine helps Katrina stay motivated and focused. 

“It’s really important. Set a routine of when you work, when you don’t, make sure you take coffee breaks and lunch breaks. Create a good workspace that works for you.” 

Brooke, Pursuit Communications

Setting weekly personal goals is one of the ways Brooke stays motivated. 

“I have a list of goals that I want to achieve by the end of the week, month and year, I have them written down on a sheet of paper on my wall and see it every day and try and take small steps to achieve them. I also focus on what Im doing. I can’t focus on my competitors as that’s wasted time. I can support and applaud them but Im offering something that’s unique because it’s from me!”

Kim, SoloCEO

Kim finds motivation by helping others and constantly learning new things.

“Keep connected, in service and educated. I am constantly learning and reading and not always about business. It is fascinating to me how many business ideas come from totally diverse sources or from a random idea that drops in the process of doing something creative or different. Staying connected to networks and looking for ways to help others achieve their goals always adds to the big Karma pot in the sky and motivates me to keep doing what I do.”

What keeps you motivated? What tips and resources keep you going? We’d love to hear from you!

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