What SME Owners Want You To Know About Starting a Work From Home Business – Part 2 

Have you been thinking about starting your own business from home but need some extra motivation? You’ve come to the right place.  

In Part 2 of our series, we chat to home-based SME operators who share the resources they turn to for inspiration and support. Get motivated  today! 

BrookePursuit Communications

“Groups on Facebook for small businesses. There’s so many of them now, in different sectors, plus the online connections can often transition to offline friendships!” 

Nicole, Soka Australia

Learn from those around you – family, friends, community mentors.

David, Arcadia Expeditions

When it comes to time management methods, David is a fan of the Pomodoro technique. 

There are just so many distractions at home and I find it’s the best way to stay focused and productive. Using the Focus Keeper app on my phone and have it next to my laptop, which follows the Pomodoro technique. 

Katrina Bart, Katrina Jane

Being a female business owner, Katrina finds the Business Chicks Facebook group a supportive and inspiring place for women in business. 

Kim, Solo CEO

“My network is, without doubt, the most important resource to me. Other useful resources are support networks related to the tech tools I use and various podcasts. 

Kim suggests the following podcasts: 

She also subscribes to book summary site Blinkist to gain bite-sized insights into different books before purchasing the full copy. 

RafaAustralian Digital

Rafa suggests having a read of these books before launching a home-based business. 

Robyn, Silver Celebrants

If I have to do some boring, mundane stuff, I pop on a motivational book or podcast so that it keeps me motivated to finish it so I can get back to working on something more exciting. It takes my mind of what I’m doing and I feel I’m using my time effectively. 

Sonia, Little Miss Purple

For Sonia, the process involved reading, listening and networking before starting her own business.  

Her recommendations for supportive resources include: 

Do you run a home-based small business? Share your favourite productivity and motivational resources with us, we’d love to hear from you!

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