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What does Public Liability insurance cover?

Public Liability insurance covers you and your business against claims for personal injury, death, and physical loss or damage to property suffered by a third-party resulting from your business activities.

It is designed for all types of businesses, big or small, and is an essential form of cover if your business deals with third-parties such as clients, suppliers or members of the public.

As a small business owner, you like to futureproof things and probably never really expect the well … unexpected to actually happen, because it will never happen to you right?

Think again.

Imagine the surprise of hearing a loud shriek from your home-based office. Concerned, you walk outside to find one of your regular clients on the ground who has fallen down your stairs and broken their ankle. Without a Public Liability insurance policy in place to pay the claim, it looks like your bank account is also going to face a severe tumble.

The harsh reality is that claims can be very expensive, and no cover means you will be forking out funds straight from your back pocket to cover legal, medical and other claim related expenses, including any compensation awarded to your client.

Public Liability insurance is not just designed for those who work in an office or fixed business premises…

Picture a landscaper busily working away beautifying a client’s backyard complete with a new retaining wall, leafy plants, and now courtesy to accidentally ‘cracking’ a water pipe, an unwanted water feature. No need for a flood of tears, Public Liability has your back by providing cover for damage caused to third-party property when things don’t go exactly to plan.

Take the time to consider the overwhelming impact a claim could have on your business, not only financially but reputationally. Could you really afford not to have Public Liability insurance?

Remember the key things Public Liability Insurance provides cover for include:

  • Your legal expenses incurred in defending a claim
  • The amount of money required to be paid as compensation to a third-party as a result of personal injury or property damage