15 must-have habits of productive and successful tradies

In 2024, trade roles are among the most in-demand professions. This means that there will be more pressure on you to succeed in your job than ever before. To stay competitive and maintain a good work-life balance, tradies can work on developing good habits.

As such, it’s important to adopt good habits (such as reducing your exposure to risk, perhaps via business insurance*, also referred to as tradie insurance) as soon as possible, in order to be more productive, efficient, and successful.

Why bad habits can harm your business and health

Busy tradies working day in and day out in the same way they always have may have formed some bad habits that may now be negatively impacting their work – and even the success of their trade business.

These bad habits may cause you to lose your job and have health issues. Bad habits like procrastination and unhealthy eating can cause fatigue, stress, and burnout, all of which can affect your ability to manage your time and work efficiently.

15 simple habits of tradesmen you can adopt in 2024

With that in mind, here are 15 simple yet greatly effective habits you may consider adopting into your daily tradie routines. Whether you are already a successful tradie or on your way to becoming one, the following 15 habits can help you remain at the top of your game.

1. Plan your day

Plan your day each morning or evening. You’ll be more organised, focused, and on-track with your tasks as a result. By ensuring you know what to do and when to do it, planning can also help reduce stress.

2. Eat healthy

Healthy meals give your body the energy it needs to make it through a hard day’s work. This will keep your energy up and improve your concentration so that you can remain on top of your work.

3. Exercise regularly

Exercising frequently will help you stay physically and mentally fit. Exercise regularly, even if you’re just taking a walk, or stretching; these activities can help reduce stress and clear your mind. It will also give you more energy during the day.

4. Reduce your exposure to risk with tradie insurance

The most successful tradies are tradies working smarter, not just harder. And this includes not just how you manage your business, but also how you manage your business risks, and this is where BizCover and business insurance can come to the rescue.

5. Get enough sleep

For tradies, getting enough sleep is crucial. Insufficient sleep can lead to fatigue, making it harder to stay focused or motivated at work. Aim to get seven to eight hours of rest each night in order to be well-rested for the next day.

6. Be aware of your posture

Bad posture can cause back pain, headaches and fatigue. Standing and sitting straight up with your shoulders back is a good way to maintain good posture.

7. Lifting objects correctly

Do not pick up heavy items without using the correct technique. Keep your back straight, bend your knees, and lift with your legs.

8. Wear PPE

To avoid injury, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment on any work site.

9. Work safely

Safety is a top priority for tradies. Assess any dangers on the job and take the necessary precautions to keep safe on site. Regular breaks will keep you focused and productive. They can also reduce your risk of injury.

10. Maintain your vehicle

Check and maintain your equipment and tools regularly to ensure that you are working safely and efficiently. Checking for cracks or leaks in hoses, lubricating parts, cleaning tool surfaces, and inspecting the power cord are all part of this process.

11. Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water throughout the day can help you to stay hydrated and improve your performance.

12. Invest in yourself

Invest in yourself and learn new skills. Enrol in a course that is related to your trade. You will become more efficient and knowledgeable in your work, which can lead to new business opportunities.

You can stay productive, healthy, and safe by adopting these habits in 2024. Implementing these ideas can help you to maximise your career and keep up with the demands of the job.

13. Become an effective communicator

They say time is money. And when it comes to saving time, communication is your secret weapon!

When we talk about communication, we don’t just mean communicating with clients, but also communicating with your people too: apprentices, subcontractors; and anyone else.

Not only does this allow you to keep tabs on what jobs they’re doing, but it also means they can reach you if things don’t go according to plan.

14. Manage your workflow

To get things done, managing your workflow and setting up systems to keep on top of your work is a must. Think of it like your toolbox or workstation – you wouldn’t haphazardly leave things lying around or leave your workstation cluttered and untidy.

Knowing how to organise and prioritise tasks makes for smarter tradies. Start by keeping an organised schedule or a to-do list so you don’t miss anything.

15. Be money smart

When it comes to your finances, things can go sideways quickly if you don’t have a well-thought-out bookkeeping system in place. Indeed, in this day and age many successful tradies rely on business software packages to make light work of managing their finances.

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