The Work From Home Playlist   

Need some new tunes to get through the work from home grind? From onehit wonders to lullaby remakes of Snoop Doggthese are the hits Aussie small businesses workers are cranking up on their stereos. So put on your dancing shoes, tune in and get musically inspired! 

Joe Edgley, Director at Amplified MarketingWaking Up Easy – Lime Cordiale! Joe says, Its a great song to kickstart the day and my daughter is obsessed with it… win-win! 

Michelle Daga, the owner of The Real Foodies, juggles running her business and a 7-month-old baby. So theres a lot of lullabies and a baby-friendly instrumental rendition of a Snoop Dogg album on repeat. 

Jane Bianchini founder of Alcami Interactive likes to chill out to Better Together by Jack Johnson 

Dr Liz Isenring, the owner of LINC Nutrition, gets through the day by listening to, Any dance music from the 80s! One of our rules is to participate in an enjoyable movement every day. Crazy dancing is a good way to get the blood pumping and reduce stress. 

Shuey Shujab, CEO of Whitehat Agencyis a fan of Happy by Pharrell Williams. Ialways puts a smile on my face. 

Kelly Patterson of OHS Compliance Solutions is enjoying The Dead Souths, In hell, Ill bigood company. 

Selfemployed digital marketing obsessed Sheridan James gets through the day with the classic one-hit-wonder My Sharona by The Knack. 

Steve Dalton, Principal Consultant of software and hardware development company, refactorrecommends the soulful tones of  BB King’s Better not look down. 

Alex Porter of Search It Local is loving The Polices appropriately named Don’t stand so close to me. 

Because if you cant find a little humour in your day, youre not doing it right! 

What’s on your work-from-home playlist? Share your songs in the comments below.

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