The Business of Love: Small Business Couples Tell All – Part 2

We’re back with part two of our Valentines Day special, chatting to couples who spill the beans of what running a small business together is really like. From learning to give each other space to learning each other’s hidden talents, these dynamic duos get real on what jumping into the business bed together is like. 

Mums the Word – Adam and Nikki, Cadenshae

These lovebirds started Cadenshae together, a brand of activewear for pregnant and nursing mums, which has fast become a global leader in the niche market. Married with four kids, these two are professionals when it comes to juggling a successful business and young family. 

The best bits? 

Nikki: Seeing Adam each day. We get each other more since we work together, as we know what we’re both going through. And when it comes to decision-making, there’s always someone in your corner who wants the best for you and your family as much as you do. 

Adam: Same as Nikki, getting to see her every day and spend time with her in a different capacity than parenting is special. Working on a common goal and achieving it together is incredible. We complement each other perfectly, I am strong where she is weak and vice versa. We click. 

The struggles? 

Adam: Switching off at the end of the workday and morphing from business partners to parents and husband/wife again. Sometimes it can take hours and sometimes it can take days. But we’re getting better at it, especially after setting solid boundaries around what we can talk about at home. We don’t want to cross-over too much if we can avoid it! 

The biggest things we’ve learnt about each other while working together? 

Nikki: Learning how amazing Adam is with people and what a fantastic leader he is. How much he cares about me, our family and the special people around us. 

Adam: How incredibly creative, strong-willed, practical, logical and just downright smart Nikki is. I was attracted initially to her kindness and beauty, but her smarts keep me coming back for more!

A Winning Combo – Scott and Jhoanne, Most Valuable Painters

Specialising in painting the inside and outside of homes and businesses, this husband and wife team are a creative pair kicking goals. 

The duo have had both perks and challenges along the wayas they perfect the delicate balancing act between their spousal and business duties.

What has been one of the biggest benefits of working together? 

Since we started working together, we now get to spend more time together. Another perk of this is being able to homeschool our child as we are usually home. It’s nice to have the freedoms that we do! 

Stronger together. 

Through it all, we have been able to find the strengths and weaknesses of each other. We have faced challenges that not all married couples have to face which makes us stronger. It’s been about learning what each of us is truly capable of when facing new challenges. 

The Importance of Being Independent – Paula and Daniel of PixelStorm

Working in the creative industry, Paula and her long term partner Daniel run digital marketing agency PixelStorm, specialising in web design and digital marketing services. 

Lessons learnt. 

Some of the biggest lessons I have learnt from working with my partner is the dedication, loyalty, commitment and constant learning behind the scenes. One of the biggest lessons we have learnt is the value of compromise and listening, oh and patience! 

And the challenges to overcome? 

Personal time. Living and working together it can be hard to stay independent. The way we manage this is by each of us having our own hobbies and routines such as going to our own gym sessions and afternoon routines.  

Pearl of wisdom? 

We make sure we have “non-work” time at least once a week. 

The Ying and Yang – Kayla and Piers, Crema Joe

Coffee lovers, Kayla and husband Piers launched their social enterprise Crema Joe together, specialising in reusable coffee pods. The inspiration behind the product was to help consumers reduce their coffee capsule waste in the environment.  

Pros and cons of being in business together: 

We’ve both always been extremely hard workers, so I’d almost say we are a bit of a powerhouse when it comes to doing business together. 

We had our son (now 4) during a fast period of growth for our business, adding an extra challenge to our already long days. 

We tend to be ying and yang which can be good and bad for us. Our differing opinions can cause strain, however, as a positive it has been beneficial for creating balance.  

Is your relationship ready for the next step? 

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