Small Businesses Combating Coronavirus: Fusion Movement Studio

The disruption caused by COVID-19 has impacted a range of local small businesses we all know and love.
We reached out to various businesses in Australia’s SME community to find those who have moved quickly and adapted to the situation to unveil the initiatives they have introduced to keep their business going.

We hope we can play a small part in showcasing their hard work and ingenuity so more people can take advantage of the services they offer.

We spoke to Lara Saunders of Fusion Movement Studio about how the business has shifted its strategy amidst the disruption of the current pandemic.

How has the business been coping in past few weeks?

It has been a struggle to adjust to non-face-to-face teaching. Parents/Students pay their fees up front for the term so we were eager to deliver the final 3 weeks of Term via Video’s to ensure they got their monies worth.

How did your idea of virtual classes come to fruition?

It has been reasonably successful. We decided to pre-record all our classes to give us the opportunity to stop and think, look at notes etc. There have been a number of advantages and disadvantages to this. Advantages include being able to re-video if you make a mistake, being able to use the same footage (e.g. a warm up) for multiple classes. Disadvantages include time – you spend time filming everything, then editing – as well as not being able to see the students. It’s also hard to gauge how many student’s are accessing the classes.

Has social media helped keep your business going?

Yes. We are big users of Social Media in normal times, using it to communicate to our families. In more recent times, we have used it to keep families in the loop and we have posted competitions, funny dance videos and memes to keep them interested in us.

Are you optimistic about your business’ future despite the situation?

Yes and no. We have built up our customer base over 11 years. It is hard to know if we lose momentum, if everyone will come back.

Are you working on any other creative ways to keep your business going as we anticipate tighter restrictions?

Looking ahead to Term 2, we are going to continue with our online classes but minimising what students will do in each class. This will also mean a reduced term fee.

And finally, do you have any other tips or strategies would you like to recommend to other small businesses in your industry? 

Stay positive. Ask for feedback! Connect with other similar businesses in your area and share ideas!

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