Small Business Movies to Inspire When in Self-isolation 

If you’re finding yourself bouncing off the walls and in need of some comic relief, these movies about fictional small businesses are sure to keep you entertained. From bookshops to super natural hunters, we’ve got all kinds of small businesses covers, so hang up the tools, turn off the laptop and get the popcorn popping. 

Starting with a good old tale about nice guys not finishing last… 

1. Dodgeball

Who can forget the local, struggling business of Average Joe’s Gymnasium in the 2004 comedy DodgeballWhen the rundown business gets bought out by archrival Globo Gym from across the street, owner Peter (Vince Vaughan) is left with only 30 days to raise $50000 before it is foreclosed by the bank and demolished.  

With a bit of imagination and sporty intervention Peter and his motley crew of employees and gym goers band together to form a Dodgeball. There’s battles and challenges, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? No spoilers here, but you can guess the ending. 

Message to small business owners? Even in the direst of times, sometimes you need to think outside the square to come up with the solution, and it might not always be what you expect! 

2. Ghostbusters

Noticing a need for supernatural investigations and fighting off unwanted ghosts, Ghostbusters follows three jumpsuit clad mates who decide to make a living out of warding off the dead. Starting their own business in an abandoned fire station, the trio face the challenges of dealing with sceptics to the spooked. 

As the business builds a name for itself and without any competition in the industry, the Ghostbusters enterprise grows from 3 to 4 to try and manage the non-stop calls for help. 

Moral of the story? Do your research, find a niche market and make it happenInvest in good marketing, a catchy slogan, a strong logo so your clients know who they’re gonna call. 

3. Notting Hill

William (played by everyone’s favourite rom-com Brit Hugh Grant) owns a little bookshop in the heart of the bustling London township of Notting Hill. One day his life changes forever when he receives a visit to his store from Hollywood actress Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) a customer with more than an interest for travel books. 

The unlikely pair strike up a rocky relationship, experience a whirlwind of ups and downs, a struggle with the relentless paparazzi and a hopeless housemate named Spike. Spoiler alert- It’s a happy ending for the Will and Anna, living in the house with the blue door. 

Lesson to be learnt? You just never know who might walk into your business and change your life forever, and a Hollywood star is always going to be good for business! 

4. You’ve Got Mail

story that can ring true for many small business owners, it’s a case of David vs. Goliath in New York City, as a small independent bookstore is faced with the struggle of a huge chain store bookshop opening nearby. 

To make the plot even more interesting there’s a good dose of complicated, not-everything-is-at-it-seems romance between the two main protagonists, Kathleen (Meg Ryan) owner of a small bookstore named The Shop Around The Corner, and Joe (Tom Hanks) wealthy owner of rival chain store Fox Books. 

Take-aways from the tale? Running a small business can be tough, and it’s important to be able to adapt and have a plan B when things don’t always go the way you hoped.  

5. Jerry Maguire

Sometimes it takes a dramatic moment to push someone to start their own business, just like sporting agent Jerry (Tom Cruise) in the 90’s hit Jerry Maguire. 

Working for a large sport management company, Jerry one day has an epiphany over his career and writes a mission statement expressing his feelings of dishonesty in the industry. After releasing the document to his fellow co-workers, consequently Jerry is fired.  

As he takes his marching orders, Jerry asks who is willing to join him in his next career move, opening his own sports management agency, which many of his previous clientele jump ship to be part of. 

Words of wisdom? It’s not always about being demanding to be “show me the money”, but finding satisfaction in your career path might just mean starting from scratch and following your passion, not the pay check. 

6. Chef

After an argument with a well-known food critic, Carl (Jon Favreau) decides to throw in the apron at his job as a head chef of a famous LA restaurant. Receiving pressure from the restaurant owner to stick to the classic menu, Carl starts to feel frustrated, unable to create new dishes and get creative. 

It’s just the push he needs, and with a little help from his friends and young son, Carl finally starts his own food truck business. There’s plenty of challenges and teething problems along the way, but in the end Carl finally gets to do what he loves for a living everyday. 

Food for thought? Starting out isn’t always a walk in the park and takes patience, hard-work and following that drive. Don’t give up on the dream. 

Did we miss one of your favourite movies featuring a small business? If so drop us a line in the comments below and share it below.

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