From passion to profit: 20 self-employed business ideas

At some point in our working lives we all pine to be self-employed and work for ourselves. Well, the good news is that it’s never been easier to start you own self-employed business than right now. If you’re pondering self-employment opportunities or considering the self-employment jobs that would suit your interests and skills, read on for 20 great self-employed business ideas.

1. App developer

With apps now a key utility for both sharing important public information and for personal entertainment and escapism, now is a great time to be an app developer. If you have a knack for coding and are a creative problem-solver, there’s every chance you could make a great living as an app developer. Many apps are developed by small teams and self-employed individuals.

2. Cleaning business

Today Aussies are working harder and for longer than they ever have. Are you looking for a role that will keep you fit and on the move? Do you delight in seeing the results of your hard work? If you answered ‘yes’, then starting your own cleaning business can be a great way to keep fit, earn a steady income, and set your own work schedule.

3. Clothing business

When it comes to fashion, consumers are now leaning towards bespoke and unique pieces and moving away from fast fashion that all looks the same. Do you sew as a hobby and fancy yourself as a tailor or seamstress? If so, now’s the time to strike out with your own small clothing retail business – either online or with a physical store.

4. Computer skills tutor

We are living through the digital age right now. Businesses of all sizes, non-profits, government bodies and sports clubs are now digital-first organisations. Society’s express embrace of the digital age means that general computer skills are now more important than they ever have been.

However, many people may still lack the digital literacy and digital skills to embrace the many efficiencies of on offer in the digital age, and this includes general computer skills. So, if you have computer skills and expertise you may find your calling as a freelance computer skills tutor.

5. Copywriter

In an age where businesses are increasingly looking to expand their online presence and engage their customers online through content marketing, the demand for copywriters has never been higher. Do you have a creative flair for the written word? Can you work to often competing deadlines? If so, you could lend your copywriting skills to a creative marketing agency or try your hand at freelance writing.

6. Decluttering services business

Did you know that there are decluttering services out there that are busier than ever? That’s because clutter can be seriously detrimental to a home’s aesthetic, but not everyone has the time and energy to sort through it all. As such, a rising need and industry has emerged for residential decluttering services. If helping homeowners get organised and shed the things they don’t really need, this could be something you build self-employed business around.

7. Dog walker/pet sitter

Here’s a fun fact: there are nearly 29 million pets in Australia today and three out of five Australian households have at least one pet. So, if you’re both an animal lover and someone who likes to live an active outdoor lifestyle and is passionate about animal welfare, becoming a dog walker and/or a pet sitter may just have you barking with delight, or purring with contentment – if you’re more of a cat person.

8. Dropshipping store

Speaking of rising tides, dropshipping certainly falls into that category. Dropshippers are intermediaries between manufacturers or suppliers, and consumers. The manufacturer or supplier takes care of storage, shipping and handling of the products that you sell from your online store.

If you are looking to launch your own online retail business but want to avoid large upfront capital expenses, dropshipping may be your new best friend as it is an ideal e-commerce model.

9. Event planning business

Do you take great joy in making people happy? Can you foster great relationships with local businesses, caterers and event venues? If so, you might be the perfect candidate to start an event planning business. In this role you would help clients manage all kinds of events from birthdays and weddings to corporate conferences and media days for journalists.

10. Floral business

Once upon a time being a florist meant stumping up enough cash to rent a physical store. In the digital day and age though, green thumbs with a passion for plants and flowers can enjoy a steady income by assembling and distributing their own handmade bouquets for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and christenings, to name but a few.

11. Furniture restoration and upcycling business

Those with a flair for carpentry, an eye for detail, and considered taste for interior design trends may find their calling in furniture restoration and upcycling. A combination of DIY know-how and creative flair will enable you to turn battered charity shop bargains into someone’s valuable must-haves.

12. Graphic designer

There are roughly 2.35 million small businesses in Australia, and many of them outsource their creative requirements to freelance graphic designers. As such, the need for freelance creatives such as graphic designers is high.

This creates plenty of opportunities for talented graphic designers to gain work such as designing company logos, website templates, corporate brochures and various other digital marketing assets.

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13. Handmade candle business

Strange as it may sound to anyone who isn’t a collector of candles, but the homemade candle business is only going up and up. There’s something special about hand-crafted goods for your home. And unlike some mass-produced candles, handmade candles are often made with all-natural ingredients, making them the ethical and eco-friendly choice.

14. Handyman business

If you’re a capable DIY-er with tools and enjoy practical problem solving, a handyman might be your calling. As a handyman, you’ll help households in your area with all repairs and odd jobs.

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15. Homemade beauty products store

Homespun, homemade beauty products are rising in popularity. If you know your beauty products like the back of your hand, you could have a future as an manufacturer and online retailer of idea for an e-commerce store for small batch beauty products.

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16. Online craft store

Are you crafty and arty enough to turn your passion into a business?

Why not turn your passion for crafts into a career? There are many online platforms where you can sell your creations – especially if you create one-of-a-kind pieces.

17. Personal training

If you’re passionate about health and wellbeing, then whey not share your passion, and get paid while doing it? Personal training can be extremely rewarding because you’re helping to improve the wellbeing of others.

18. Social media consultancy services

Brands are seeking to truly connect with their audiences on social media.

Social media consultants help businesses to execute their social media strategies, and there’s plenty of this work going around for social media aficionados..

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19. Translator

Self-employed translators help facilitate international business and help Australian businesses communicate with overseas clients and suppliers. Skilled translators can offer translation services to such businesses and get paid well for their time.

20. Virtual assistant

If you have great administrative skills and want to work from home, a career as a virtual assistant could be perfect for you. great fit for you. You’ll work around your client’s needs, but you will generally be able to set your own working hours.

If you’re planning to strike out with your own self-employed business, you’ll want to build it for long-term success, and that includes reducing the risks to your new business with self-employed insurance, also known as self-employment insurance. Get your business insurance sorted quickly and easily online or by calling us on us on 1300 920 864.

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