6 ways to prevent customer injury and property damage

As a business owner, you have countless responsibilities. One of the most important is ensuring the safety of your customers and the security of their property. But accidents remain an ever-present risk despite your best efforts to create a safe environment. Accidents that not only pose a threat to the safety of valued customers, but also exposes your business to potential legal and financial consequences.

However, there are steps you can take to significantly reduce the risk of accidents and improve customer safety. Here are some ways to prevent accidents and property damage at your workplace.

1. Regular and spontaneous inspections

Implement a routine of regular inspections to identify potential hazards. While scheduled inspections are key, spontaneous inspections will give a more realistic view of the safety standards during normal business operations. The goal is to identify hidden dangers in their natural setting, not just when your team has prepared for an inspection.

2. Checking tools and equipment regularly

A frequent worry for businesses, especially those heavily dependent on tools and machinery, revolves around equipment failure. Ensuring that your equipment is well-maintained can prevent many such incidents from occurring. Regular cleaning and testing of your tools and machinery ensure they remain safe and functional. It also reduces the risk of accidents or unexpected breakdowns.

3. Keeping detailed records

When it comes to customer safety, it’s often the overlooked details that can come back to bite. By diligently documenting your inspections, repairs, and incident investigations, you not only identify recurring problems and high-risk areas but also create a concrete defence in case of a liability claim.

4. Using warning signs

Effective communication of potential hazards is key to accident prevention. If a risk cannot be completely eliminated, clear and visible warning signs should be used. An example could be a “Caution: Wet Floor” sign after mopping the area.

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5. Implementing waivers

For businesses with inherent dangers, consider having customers sign waivers acknowledging potential risks. While the legal standing of these waivers may differ from state to state, they can still serve as a tool to ensure customers are aware of potential hazards.

6. Having the right insurance

Even with the most rigorous safety measures, accidents can happen. The thought of this happening and the legal and financial implications that follow can be enough to keep you awake at night. This is where Public Liability insurance comes into play. It can cover medical expenses if a customer is injured on your premises, provide legal defence if necessary, and even pay for repairs or replacements if customer property is accidentally damaged.

Taking steps towards prevention should be your main strategy to prevent injuries and ensure customer safety. Regular inspections, proper maintenance of tools and equipment, comprehensive record-keeping, effective use of warning signs, and appropriate insurance coverage are key in achieving this.

While the best practices discussed above may significantly lower the risk of accidents, they don’t eliminate them entirely. Hence, Public Liability insurance remains an important consideration for small businesses.

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