Our customers get their bad business habits out of their system

We recently launched a campaign that showed how small business owners really feel about their expensive, outdated policies… and encouraged them to get them out of their system!

The campaign features small business owners who were previously victims of their old policies, that have decided to take revenge using tools of their trade, to shred their old policy.

Dave, our resident tradie, showed no mercy when he subjected his old public liability policy to his bandsaw.

Jill, the café owner, gave the fruit and veg a break and instead blended up an old policy smoothie – unsurprisingly, it didn’t taste great.

Finally, we found Kate, the business consultant, known for her no-nonsense approach in getting the job done, who simply slotted her old and expensive policy right into the shredder – making sure to recycle it afterwards, of course.

Inspired by Dave, Kate and Jill’s ingenuity, we put a spin on the question of what it was small business owners wanted to get out of their system.

We decided to go straight to the experts – our very own customers – and ask them what bad business habits they have… needless to say, no one’s perfect, and so their responses did not disappoint.

Ali, owner of The People’s Fabric, works from home and is concerned she may be going a little stir-crazy. This revelation dawned on her when, for the umpteenth time, she was complaining about the number of hours she spends working at home – to her dog. Ali’s resolve is to take more trips to her local café, where she can enjoy working in a more caffeinated environment… and hopefully not spending too much time talking to other people’s dogs.

Courtenay, owner of Potters Pantry, is worried about her bad habit of working in her business far too often as opposed to working on her business. It could be tricky getting up there, Courtenay, maybe get a ladder.

Lisa, owner of Australia Trip Planner, created one too many plans as she has the terrible habit of overwhelming herself with unreasonably long to-do lists. Her solution is to give that old to-do list the boot and shred it, and introduce a more practical, ‘top 5 key things’ to accomplish each week. However, she quickly realised that after shredding her old list she had forgotten what it was she needed to do…

Finally, we had Bradley, owner of AquaGeo, who recognised he had the bad habit of procrastinating by wasting time entering online competitions (not ours we hope). He plans to get his bad habit out of his system of course… just as soon as he wins one. One day, Bradley.

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