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Insurance for Tradesmen

... contractor, you should also consider your contractual obligations to carry a minimum amount of Public Liability insurance ... your landlord.Just like any other self-employed business, insurance is something which you should ...

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Sole Trader Insurance

... out of business. That's where sole trader insurance could help. Sole trader insurance—our name for business insurance policies designed for the needs of sole traders and the self-employed—can help you cover a long list ...

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Insurance for the Self Employed

... . How great is that? Of course, being self-employed might not feel so great when things don't ... insurance if you are: Newly self-employed An established business owner An independent contractor Operating as a sole trader ...

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Top 11 tips for being successfully self-employed

... flat. Whether you are newly self-employed, an established business owner, an independent contractor, or a sole trader, BizCover can help you reduce your business risk via self-employed insurance made fast, easy, and cost ...

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13 business ideas for self-employed carpenters

... a specialty skill. Sole Trader Carpenter Ideas Here are 13 business ideas for self-employed carpenters. 1. Framing ... the job. Recommended reading: Insurance for Fencing Contractors 9. Restoration Carpentry Restoration ...

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Self-Employed Tradies Checklist Guide 2024

... are four business structures available in Australia: sole trader (or individual); company; partnership; and ... is to reduce your exposure to risk with tradie business insurance . As a trade business owner, you are now ...

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4 smart ways to manage money as a sole trader

... sole traders looks at some simple actions you can take and some suggestions for improving the performance of your small business. When you’re self-employed ... as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the ...

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How to become a successful sole trader

... Victorian Government's definition of a sole trader is a self-employed person who owns and runs their ... for your business insurance or give us a call 1300 920 864 to see how we can help protect your sole trading business. * ...

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Public Liability Insurance for Cabinet Makers

... insurances in place. Regardless if you are self-employed, a sole trader or a contractor, there are business insurance ... so, make sure you have your Public Liability insurance policy sorted before you pick up the tools and ...

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Insurance for Gardeners

... storage space for your equipment and supplies. Business Insurance You rely on many garden tools and equipment to ... injury. If you are a sole trader or independent gardening contractor, workers' compensation may not cover ...

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Insurance for Flooring Installler

... makes it easy for flooring businesses and sole traders to find business insurance that fits their needs. Get quotes ... for your flooring installer insurance. How to get flooring contractor insurance Ready to protect your ...

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Why do welders need insurance?

... basic PL cover as a sole trader , or a full business insurance pack for your business, ... work following an unexpected injury or illness. Welders are often self-employed, which means that you won't receive an income if you ...

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Insurance for Cleaners

... jif! Did you know? If you operate as a sole-trader you may be personally responsible, both legally and financially, ... to pieces - the list could be endless. Business Insurance If you rely on your own cleaning equipment to ...

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How to become an independent contractor

... quick snapshot of the various types of structures, sole traders are generally seen as the easiest type of structure ... . We understand all types of contractor businesses and believe insurance should be simple with no-dramas ...

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Insurance for Glaziers

... outside of your employment). Sole traders and independent glazing contractors are not eligible for workers' compensation in some states and territories 1 . Personal Accident and Illness insurance can help you continue ...

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How to price a job as a contractor

Being a self-employed contractor gives you a distinct competitive advantage. There are many things outside your control, such ... be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions ...

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How to manage your finances as a contractor

... to become a contractor, and you're now self-employed and all set to make money as a contractor. You've made ... independent contractor. When you set up as a contractor and choose BizCover for your contractor insurance * ...

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Business Insurance Perth

... self-employed tradies to professional contractors and sole traders, just to name a few. Business insurance ... is at your home-based business. Public Liability insurance can provide peace of mind and protection from ...

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Business Insurance Melbourne

... of business structures like sole traders, contractors and self-employed businesses for example from ... this is at your home-based business. Public Liability insurance can provide peace of mind and protection from potential ...

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Insurance for Contractors and Subcontractors

... our trusted insurance partners*: Why do contractors need insurance? Being a contractor is an ... instead of just a few! But the freedom of being self-employed also comes with risks. If something goes wrong because of ...

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Insurance for Fencing Contractors

... your feet. What does fence contractor insurance cover? Insurance for fencing contractors can help you manage many risks ... number of people covered - Sole traders often pay less for insurance than businesses with several ...

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Tools of Trade Insurance – The definitive guide

... wear and tear. And this is when trade tools insurance can save the day for tradies. Do you give ... self-employed tradesman that means that you can't earn an income for yourself and your family. Without trade tools insurance ...

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Public Liability Insurance in QLD

... their businesses. Compare Public Liability insurance for QLD sole traders and small businesses today! How ... Public Liability Insurance Electrical contractors in Queensland must have Public Liability insurance to receive, ...

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Earthmoving and Excavators Insurance

... insurance? Insurance for earthmovers and excavators can benefit different types of businesses, including: Sole traders Self-employed business owners Excavation and earthmoving contractors Construction contractors ...

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Insurance for Concrete Contractors

... the cost of insurance for concrete contractors include: Who is covered - A sole trader typically pays less ... currency can be downloaded at any time from our self-service portal. You can also view your policy documents, ...

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How To Become a Roofer or Roofing Contractor

... that will qualify you as a certified roofing contractor. This article will cover: Education and roofing ... a sole trader provides a more detailed overview of starting a small business in NSW and VIC. Insurance Like all ...

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Do I need a contractor licence in NSW?

... contractors are flat out, which is why we've created a truly simple and convenient way to get your business insurance online . Give us a call 1300 920 864 to see how we can help protect your sole trading business ...

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What to look out for in a contractor agreement

... amazingly simple and convenient way to buy contractor insurance online . Visit or give us a call 1300 920 864 to see how we can help protect your sole trading business. *This information is general only ...

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Handyman vs contractor: Which is right for you?

... contractor insurance . The importance of handyman insurance is clear when you consider that many handymen operate as sole traders ... 920 864 for a quote and get your handyman insurance * sorted in minutes and get on with ...

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Insurance for Electricians

... by the policy. Your customers, clients, and the contractors you work with may rely on your electrical knowledge ... Frequently Asked Questions Sole trader electricians may consider several types of insurance for their small ...

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Winning your first clients as a sole trader

... for a potential customer but protect you and your business if a claim was made against you. Sole trader insurance is particularly important, as this type of business structure ties your personal assets and liability to ...

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Does a sole trader need an ABN?

... isn't any of those nasty things. Go online for sole trader business insurance or give us a call 1300 920 864 to see how we can help protect your sole trading business. *This information is general only and does not ...

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Managing Risk and Liability as a Sole Trader

... us a call on 1300 920 864 to find out how quick and easy it can be to purchase sole trader insurance. *This information is general only and does not consider your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not ...

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Sole trader insurance myths, debunked

... life of a sole trader can be a thrilling adventure of independence and self-reliance. However, this ... your business. Myth 1 – Sole traders are too small for business insurance As a sole trader, you might think, “I’ ...

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8 tips for running your self-employed business

... not have planned to employ staff, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't employ individuals when the ... invest in self-employed insurance such as insurance for sole traders * or insurance for the self-employed . At BizCover ...

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The key traits of successful sole traders

... a hand by simplifying your sole trader insurance *. Take a look at our dedicated sole trader insurance page, or give us a call 1300 920 864 to see how we can help protect your sole trading business. *This information is ...

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How to become an independent support worker

... or not being self-employed is the right ... insurance and Professional Indemnity insurance . These business insurance products provide protection for you while you help your clients. Whether you a sole trader , contractor ...

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A guide to professional services business

... , permits, and business insurance relevant to their line ... Self-employment tax: You may be self-employed depending on the legal structure of your business. Owners of partnerships and sole traders must pay self-employment ...

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Tom-Mow’s Lawn Maintenance Wins BizGiver Grant

... of BizGiver! Tom has Personal Accident & Illness Insurance with BizCover, providing him with peace of mind ... work and being completely self-employed, as well as creating jobs by using contractors which I always wanted ...

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6 marketing tips for your earthmoving business

... business, you may also consider earthmoving insurance to reduce the risks to your business. Whether you are a sole trader, self-employed business owner, or an earthmoving contractor, you may benefit by reducing your ...

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Sole traders: How to overcome common challenges

... companies yourself when finding out what's a reasonable price for sole trader insurance. The bottom line There are many challenges of starting a sole trader business. But if you delegate aspects of your job and set ...

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How much does Business Insurance cost?

... to those required by a sole-trader business operating within the professional services industry. One of the most common questions asked by business owners is: “How much does Business Insurance cost?” This is a difficult ...

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Insurance for Consultants

... clients; we offer a game-changing way to get your insurance. With just a few clicks or a phone call, ... know? If you're a consultant working as a sole-trader you are personally responsible, both legally and financially, for ...

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Insurance for Handymen

... flash. Did you know? If you operate as a sole-trader you are personally responsible, both legally and financially, ... potential mishaps can go on! Public Liability insurance is designed to cover legal fees and compensation ...

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7 marketing tips for sole traders

... insurance *. We make sole trader business insurance a piece of cake - because it needn't be a chore. Go online for your business insurance or give us a call 1300 920 864 to see how we can help protect your sole trading ...

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Changing business ownership for sole traders

... strong foundation. And a key part of doing that is protecting your new sole trader business by securing your sole trader insurance *. Compare business insurance quotes for your business, or give us a call 1300 920 864 to ...

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Insurance for Cabinet Makers

... tailored insurance to suit your cabinet making business. Did you know? If you operate as a sole trader, ... Illness insurance Nobody really has the time to get sick or injure themselves, especially when you're self-employed, ...

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How to Start a Roofing Business

... in Australia, including protecting it with roofing insurance . Why start a roofing company? Roofing ... roofing contractor license and Construction Induction Card or White Card Choose a business structure (i.e., sole trader, ...

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How to start a gym or fitness business

... of your business - whether it be a sole trader or a company structure. Your personal training ... While you are working tirelessly to get clients as a freelance personal trainer, it’s also important to keep track of ...

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The tradie's guide to getting paid on time

... can such instances slow you down, as a tradie and a sole trader , not getting paid on time can also mean you may ... BizCover is your tradie insurance *. Our tradie insurance is business insurance carefully designed to reduce ...

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How to Start a Business in QLD in 7 Easy Steps

... and get your insurance sorted with BizCover today. Compare multiple quotes from some of Australia's most trusted insurers in minutes. Queensland Government, Setting up a legal business- Sole traders, ...

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How to start a commercial cleaning business

... . Otherwise you may end up with the default sole trader business structure, which may not be the best fit ... may also be a requirement that you have certain types of insurances in place before you can take on the job. Find ...

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How to start a fencing business in Australia

... administration, many trade business owners choose the Sole Trader business structure. If you wish to protect ... This includes both labour and materials. For a contractor's licence, you will need to have completed a ...

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9 common startup costs for small businesses

... , your personal assets are tied to your business as a sole trader, so it's best to weigh up your options and ... contractors if you don’t hire permanent employees. 9. Business insurance Sorting out your business insurance ...

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How to start a retail business

... liability and capital raising ability. 1. Sole trader The sole trader option is favoured for its simplicity and ... not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and ...

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How to start a business in South Australia

... common structures: solder traders and companies. Sole traders A sole trader is the most common business structure for ... not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and ...

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What is insurance for tradesmen?

Whether you’re a carpenter, a handyman or a plumber, things like accidentally injuring or damaging a third-parties property or getting your tools stolen are real risks that tradies face every day. Business insurance for tradesmen is designed to give your tradie business the protection it needs and peace of mind knowing that you have a safeguard in place when things don’t stick to the blueprint.

Why do Tradesmen need insurance?

The reality is as a tradie you are exposed to different kinds of risks, making it vital to look at the various types of business insurance options available and how they can protect your business. These are some examples of when business insurance can help:

  • Protection against claims from third parties for accidental personal injury or damage to their property
  • Protection for your tools of trade in case they are lost, stolen or damaged
  • Certain types of business insurances may be required when taking on a contract
  • Financial protection in the event you are faced with a claim


Don’t be a ‘hero’ and rock up to your next job without your insurance. With BizCover you can get multiple competitive quotes from some of Australia’s leading insurers online quicker than you can say “smoko” and grab yourself a feed from the tuck shop!

Did you know?

Your Public Liability policy covers you anywhere in Australia, so you can work your trade magic anywhere from Brisbane to Balmain!

What insurances should tradesmen consider?

There are a few types of business insurances you may need to consider as a tradie. This is a snapshot of a few:

Public Liability Insurance

Public Liability insurance may be a requirement for tradies well before you step foot on site and is one of the important types of cover you may need to look at.

Even if you can talk your way out of a pile of rubble, you’re not going to be able to talk your way out of a Public Liability claim.  Public Liability insurance is designed to provide protection for you and your business in the event a customer, supplier or a member of the public is injured or sustains property damage as a result of your negligent business activities.

Consider the possible personal injury claims from trip hazards created by your work activities or the risk of property damage claims – what about if you dropped a hammer and cracked some tiles? What if you forgot to turn the power mains off and electrocuted someone?

A personal injury and property damage claim could have a huge impact on your business, not only financially, but also to your company’s reputation.

If you’re working as a contractor, you should also consider your contractual obligations to carry a minimum amount of Public Liability insurance.  You may also be required to hold Public Liability insurance if you are a member of a particular trade association.

What is typically included?

Compensation for:

  • personal injury suffered by a third party (e.g. a customer, supplier or member of the public)
  • damage to property owned by a third party due to your negligent business activities
  • legal and defence costs associated with a covered claim


What is typically not covered?

  • Injuries to your employees
  • Damage to your own property
  • Costs of rectifying faulty workmanship
  • Professional negligence
  • Contractual liability
  • Events occurring before or after the policy period

Business Insurance

Your tools of trade and other business assets help you get the job done, so consider protecting them with coverage options like Portable Equipment* and Contents*

Insuring your tools, and your business against an instance when you have to down tools will ensure you still have a business,

Portable Equipment* – it’s likely you’ve accumulated a lot of tools over several years of work. If they were lost or stolen could you turn up to work the next morning and keep working? She’ll be apples with Portable Equipment cover – it insures items such as tools, business equipment or electronic items.

Professional Indemnity insurance

If you are an electrician, plumber of carpenter, sharing your tradie pearls of wisdom to your clients could lead to a potential claim if things don’t exactly go to plan and an accidental error occurs.

There’s no doubt you know your stuff when it comes to all things tradie, and if you are an electrician, plumber of carpenter  client’s may often seek out your advice on certain things. But did you know that if your advice causes them a financial loss you could be held responsible? That’s where Professional Indemnity insurance can provide a helping hand.

Professional Indemnity insurance covers you for losses claimed by a third party and defence costs due to alleged or actual negligence in your professional services or advice.

Personal Accident & Illness Insurance

Working as a tradie you rely on being physically fit to your business going and getting the job done, so if accident or illness were to strike you need to think of Plan B to help provide an income while you’re off recovering.

As a tradie you need to be fit and healthy to bring in the dough – but have you stopped to think about how you would keep on paying the bills if you were to injure yourself or fall ill and had to take time off work to recover? Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. It could be at work or even on your own time; whether you are doing a bit of DIY around the house or playing a game of backyard footy on the weekend.

Personal Accident and Illness Insurance provides levels of cover for loss of income, permanent disablement and even death if you are unable to work as a result of an injury or illness.

Product Liability insurance

If your tradie business starts selling products, you may need Product Liability insurance to protect from claims from third parties for property damage or injury.

Tax Audit

If your tradie business is investigated by the ATO it can be a stressful and time-consuming event. It’s a hassle and worry that you don’t need hanging over your head, and that’s where Tax Audit insurance can make things less stressful.

If your accounts are audited by the ATO, you may need to hire external professionals, like an accountant to assist in the process. Tax Audit Insurance covers a business for specified costs in responding to an official tax audit.

An unwanted trade

A tradie working on a commercial building locked up his tools before leaving the worksite at the end of the day. The next morning when the site was opened his tools were nowhere to be seen. A double whammy – no tools and potentially a contractual penalty for delaying the work. The insured’s claim was dealt with quickly and he was able to replace his tools in time to avoid all penalties.

Why choose BizCover for your tradesmen insurance?

BizCover - No Jargons

We won’t bore you with jargon

We’re not fans of complicated insurance speak, so we talk to you in plain English.

BizCover - Built for Small Businesses

Cover to match your needs

You can tailor policies from selected Australian insurers to suit the needs of your business, and we are there to help!

No paperless

No paperwork required

We don’t believe in mountains of forms and paperwork, just online insurance made easy!

BizCover - Real People

Real people adding real value

Our friendly service team is on hand and on a mission to make you smile!

What kind of tradesmen need business insurance?

These are just some examples of the type of trades industry’s which need to consider business insurance to protect their business:

Tradesman insurance covers a broad range of modalities, including:

  • Carpenters & Woodworkers
  • Electricians
  • Handymen
  • Plumbers
  • Concreters
  • Garden & Lawn Maintenance
  • Painters
  • Bricklayers
  • Lawn Mowing Service
  • Tilers

How much does insurance cost for tradesmen?

Every tradie is different with their own unique features and types of potential risks. There isn’t a one-price fits all kind of tradie insurance policy, the pricing is dependent on your individual factors and circumstances.

These factors can be things like:

  • Your claim history
  • The type of business operations you perform
  • Your annual turnover
  • The number of staff
  • Level of cover
  • Claims history


To receive an accurate idea of how much business insurance will cost for your tradie business have a chat to our friendly team to get a quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

Certain types of business insurance like Public Liability insurance may be a requirement before you can work on a job. It is always important to check your contract or agreement to see if a minimum level of cover is also stipulated.

If you rent your business premises, Public Liability and even Glass cover may be outlined as a requirement of your rental agreement by your landlord.

Just like any other self-employed business, insurance is something which you should consider as part of your business plan to help you stay in the tradie game for the long haul. While some types of insurance may be a requirement, there are a variety of coverage options designed to protect the things that matter most to your tradie business.

Just like the cost of business insurance, there isn’t a blanket cover for all tradies. However, there are a few factors that you can keep in mind when trying to calculate your level of cover. For example:

  • The size of the jobs that you are working on. The higher the cost, the higher risk and you may want to look at increasing your Public Liability insurance accordingly
  • Is there a minimum amount of cover stipulated in your contract?

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