Self-Employed Guide: Relaxation activities that can help relieve stress

From staying on top of the latest trends to sorting out your taxes, running a small business is stressful at the best of times. But when you’re stressed, your decision-making becomes flawed, which could severely impact your business.

This is why it’s essential for small business owners to look after themselves and practice a little self-care. When you are less stressed, you’ll be more productive and able to accomplish tasks more efficiently.

This self-employed guide will give you some relaxation and well-being tips to help you cope with stress.


Exercise is a fantastic way to reduce stress for the small business owner. It not only boosts your mood and self-confidence but also helps you get a handle on your schedule. Not only does exercise help you stay in shape, but it also releases endorphins, which are proven to reduce stress.

It can also help improve your brain’s ability to think logically. Whether you’re walking around the office, doing some stretches, or lifting weights, exercise is essential. It can also improves your focus and energy levels, two of the biggest causes of stress among small business owners.

Exercising regularly not only increases your mood but improves your sleep quality. It can also reduce the symptoms of mild depression and anxiety giving you a sense of control over your body.


One of the top well-being tips for the self-employed is meditation.

There are many activities that can help small business owners reduce their stress. For example, you can go for a walk in the park or grab a nice lunch out of the office.

You can also try meditating. Meditating has been shown to have significant benefits, and it only requires 10 to 15 minutes a day. Ensure you are in a quiet area and be sure to turn off your mobile phone and rid yourself of other distractions.

Practising meditation can also reduce stress in the workplace. Many employers have implemented mindfulness programs to improve employee productivity and reduce workplace stress. While many people think that meditation is a new age fad or only suitable for temple-dwelling monks, it is actually a very effective stress release that can increase your efficiency.

Colouring in books

No, colouring in books is not just for pre-schoolers- they are for adults too! This trend has become increasingly popular in recent years – and for good reason. Studies have shown that colouring in can help relieve stress and anxiety among adults. Just pour yourself some tea, put on your favourite relaxing music and feel the stress ease away with each stroke of the pencil.

Sorting out your business insurance

Now, hear us out. Sorting out your business insurance is akin to sorting out your taxes – one of the very situations that probably landed you on this page in the first place. From all the confusing numbers and tedious admin you must do, business insurance is anything but relaxing. We hear you.

But think about what business insurance really gives you. The peace of mind it brings because of the risks you are protected from. Without it, the risks your small business is exposed to in your day-to-day operations will be hanging over your head. But with an adequate amount of cover, you can rest assured and have that peace of mind that your business is protected even in the worst situations.

What’s even better is the fact that the pain of getting business insurance is a thing of the past. Through the online business insurance platform BizCover, you can get your business in barely any time at all.

For example, let’s say that you want to consider getting Public Liability insurance* – a popular type of insurance for the self-employed. It is designed to provide protection for you and your business if a third party brings a claim against you due to injury or sustained property damage as a result of your negligent business activities.

All you’ll have to do is jump online, compare quotes from some of Australia’s leading insurers and choose a policy. After filling in your details, your business will be protected. How relaxing!

This information is general only and does not take into account your objectives, financial situation or needs. It should not be relied upon as advice. As with any insurance, cover will be subject to the terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the policy wording.
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