New Year, New Goals – 7 small businesses share their goals and resolutions for 2019

The new year is the perfect time to start afresh and try a few new things to point your business in the right direction. We had a chat with some small business owners who share their achievements of 2018 and their goals and plans for the year ahead. Whether it’s mastering spreadsheet formulas or finally taking that holiday, here are some resolutions to add to your to-do list!

Iris Pich, Owner of Floristry (florist school) 

There’s more to petals and posies when it comes to Iris and her successful Floristry school based in WA. These are her plans for how she is aiming to improve and grow her business: 

  • Get better at organising my time ahead 
  • Plan my calendar well 
  • Incorporate some me-time 
  • Review what works and doesn’t work on a monthly basis 
  • Be more strategic in marketing to a certain audience /li>

Philippa Giles, founder of The Giles Apparel Group Pty Ltd (online fashion retailer)) 

Philippa had an eventful 2018, deciding to quit her job and focus on running her specialty sized online clothing business full time – in particular, her consumer-facing brand SISU&FINN. 

So what’s on the horizon for Philippa in 2019? 

“I am in the process of launching another brand, Hank & Hera, and 2019 will see the release of its first collection.” 

As well as the exciting endeavour of launching a new brand, she also plans to grow her brand’s reputation as Australia’s main destination for premium style plus size women’s clothing. 

Donna FergusonOwner of Unique Vibrations (business motivator) 

2018 was a year of change for Donna, re-branding her Unique Vibrations business in September. She reflects on the process as “definitely like starting a new business, with a new name, new colours, new image and new goals”. 

One of these goals was to increase her brand’s visibility, especially on Facebook. This is something which she feels she achieved through “consistency, showing up no matter what, self-belief and pushing through the challenges that require solutions and finding a way to create more.” 

Looking to the future, Donna believes that “if you plan for success, reflect with wisdom, create with purpose, achieve with glory then your intentions through visualisation will manifest for you.”

Jeremy Stone, Co-Founder of Creative Cities 21 (creative escape tours) 

Energising people through creative escapes to great cities of the world, Creative Cities 21 offers a 5-day program that combines the best elements of immersive travel and workshops in painting, acting and innovation.

Jeremy’s proud business moment of 2018 was running the Creative Cities first program in New York and seeing their clients benefit and enjoy the transformational effects of the program.

2019 is only going to get bigger and brighter, with Jeremy planning to expand the business running larger programs in New York and adding Melbourne and London as destinations for 2020. 

Mika Lodsman, Owner of Mika Lodsman (document design business) 

Making the most of the freedom and flexibility that comes with the online business world, Mika was able to successfully move his business Mika Lodsman interstate, allowing him to keep his existing clients and work with them virtually. 

For the year ahead “my resolution is to get out and enjoy life in this beautiful town I’ve moved to. Life needs balance, and as much as I love what I do, it can’t always be about work”. 


Bianca Atkinson, Owner of Clique That (a small digital marketing agency) 

Bianca of Clique That shares a situation which many small business owners often struggle and relate to –  believing in your worth and value as a business. 

“I offer an exceptional service and am very good at my job; so why do I continually give away value for free? Why do I feel the need to discount constantly?” 

As a marketing coach, Bianca’s resolution for 2019 is to “believe in your worth”! 

Cigdem “Chee” Pearsall, Owner and Manager of Turkish Murkish (Turkish textile importing business) 

There were many wins for Cigdem in 2018, and even more to come in 2019, celebrating 5 years of running Turkish Murkish in March. 

Some of the key achievements of 2018 included: 

  • Paid off 80% of my business loan 
  • Social media marketing has increased my brand presence and sales 
  • Collaborating with other textile businesses, by selling each others products to enrich and expand presence and profit 

And on the 2019 resolution list: 

  • Take a holiday! I need a rest so I can be a better business owner 
  • Keep costs to a minimum, watch every dollar 
  • Give myself an hour away from the business daily 
  • Pause, pause, pause to rethink and ask myself why am I doing this again? 

If you’re a small business owner and would like to share your new year business resolutions please contact us at marketing@bizcover.com.au. And if one of your resolutions is getting your business insurance sorted, we can help by providing hassle free and competitive quotes here.

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