10 steps guide to managing a fitness business

Successful fitness business management requires a variety of skills. Fitness business owners often face three main obstacles to business success: low attendance, poor engagement, and regularly losing members. As such, it’s critical to ensure a smooth operation that generates revenue and contributes to growing and sustaining your fitness business.

Excelling as a fitness business owner requires that you are equipped to handle multiple aspects of running a business, including, but not limited to, business finance, customer service, and marketing. In this comprehensive guide to managing a fitness business we will cover the essential tips for managing your fitness operation.

Embrace the four essentials of fitness business management

There are many moving parts to succeeding as a fitness business owner. You will be required to manage multiple responsibilities, which can be hard work. However, you can make your job easier by remembering these four essentials for fitness business success.

1. Member experience

To be successful in the fitness industry, fitness business owners would do well to review and optimise their customer experience. The customer experience goes beyond what happens when you are with customers in your gym. It is the entire experience from start to finish. It is visiting your website, talking to a member of your customer service team on social media, streaming fitness class, and picking up the phone and talking to customers. It’s all about creating unique and engaging customer experiences.

2. Financial management

The success or otherwise of your fitness business can depend on your financial management skills. You can’t build a successful business that supports customers without generating revenue. You can benefit to ensure that your finances are in order to provide the service your customers and members demand and a level of customer service that you can take pride.

To help, have qualified people on your team to manage your finances and ensure that your financial obligations are being met. This may include ensuring member dues are paid, as well as rent, payroll, and other business expenses.

3. Team culture

When it comes to gym business tips, it’s not all about exercise or workout routines. Equally important is how you built team culture.  A great company culture can be essential in a fitness business. As the business owner, you are responsible for setting the company culture for your business. Positive employee engagement and positive member interaction can motivate your employees and create a positive work environment.

To promote a positive team culture, remember to show your appreciation to your team and make sure that their suggestions or feedback is heard. A happy workplace and a strong team culture will lead to great member engagement.

4. Member engagement and retention

Your retention strategy may include initiatives aimed at keeping customers motivated and engaged. Member engagement will depend on the culture of your fitness community, the member experience you offer, and the quality of your community. To provide seamless customer engagement, ensure that you are engaging your members online and offline.

10 top gym business tips for managing your fitness business

Now that we’ve covered off the four essentials for fitness business success, let’s roll straight into 10 top management tips for your fitness business.

1. Develop a consistent marketing strategy

Your business model is the foundation of your marketing strategy. Be consistent with your marketing when attempting to attract members to your fitness business. Consider your ideal members and the places they frequent. Social media can be a great place to promote your fitness business.

You can reach your market by using both organic social content and paid social media advertisements. Aim to make your messaging consistent with your brand and the identity of your business.

2. Streamline your management processes

Whether you are managing a gym or working in corporate fitness center management, your processes and procedures can be crucial to creating a profitable and successful fitness business. Your management process covers how you recruit new clients, how you hire and fire employees, and how you manage interactions with your members every day. It may vary depending on the services you provide and your specific fitness business.

A great idea here is to outline your procedures in order to streamline your management processes. It can be important to ensure that you have the same procedures when you hire new staff members. This helps ensure that your staff receive the same information and is able to clearly understand your process. It is about setting clear expectations and creating a strong brand image.

3. Be flexible with your business model

The Covid pandemic taught fitness business owners about the importance of being flexible. That notwithstanding, it is entirely possible that something that works today may not work as well in six months’ time, which means that fitness business owners can benefit from being open to adapting and changing their business model. It’s worth keeping in mind that flexibility and adaptability can be integral to business success.

4. Hire great people

To grow your fitness business, find people who are passionate about their work and about the fitness industry. Your people will be your first point of contact for customers, and they will also be the face of your fitness company and brand.

Culture fit is critically important when hiring new employees. Look for candidates who have the right skill set to help grow your business – but also ensure that your chosen candidates are the right cultural fit too. A thorough recruitment process can be a big help here.

A candidate you interview may be a superstar fitness instructor in a group class but not have the personal touch to connect and engage in a one-on-one training session. Or they may not have what it takes to keep a live audience motivated and engaged throughout the workout. Virtual personal training sessions can be very different from in-person training because they require a different set of skills.

5. Provide exceptional customer service

Outstanding customer service is a key part of running a fitness business. The success of your fitness business is dependent on your customers. Your business will benefit from providing a service that supports and drives value to customers.

Your customer retention and acquisition will be influenced by your flavour of customer service. Customers who are happy and have a great experience with your fitness business will return again and again. You will also be more likely to receive positive feedback from their family and friends. Astute fitness business owners know the importance of providing a great customer experience and how doing so can add additional value to their customers.

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6. Keep track of everything

Keep track of everything in your business, from membership payments and billing to sales to your marketing strategy. There are many figures and types of information to track, whether it’s your accounts or your employee payroll.

It’s important to precisely monitor the key metrics in your business to ensure that nothing gets missed. Business management software can help by automating certain tasks and making it easier to track key information without having to manually enter it.

7. Create a community

Build a community first, and a business second. Your fitness customers will be more likely to remain loyal to your fitness business if they feel part of an active fitness community. You can help your customers feel connected by creating a supportive and positive fitness community. A community can help you foster positive relationships between your customer service employees and your customers.

Your fitness customers may be more motivated if they can work out in a group environment. Offering group classes can be an effective way to build an engaged community within your customer base and lead to better retention and acquisition. Social media, online member portals, and continuous communication offer ways to nurture your customers offline and online.

8. Encourage organic referrals

Your members will be more likely to recommend your services to their friends and families if they are satisfied with your service. Encourage organic referrals when interacting with your existing clients, and you may even go one step further by creating a referral program. If customers refer a friend to your business you can reward them with, say, a discount on their membership. This can be an effective way to grow your business organically.

9. Get the most out of your employees

Amazing talent can elevate your fitness business into uncharted territory. Your job is to inspire your employees to be great, so your brand shines bright. You may still want to guide them and coach them to be as good as they can be for your business. Your job is to inspire your employees so they continue to excel for your fitness business.

Great business managers and business owners are able to listen and communicate with respect. They can deftly establish trust with their employees while showing show appreciation for their good work. To provide the quality of service and value that your customers desire, have a plan for bringing out the best from your employees.

10. Use business management tools to increase efficiency

Business software that can help streamline your business processes can be essential for achieving efficiency in your fitness business and is considered a must-have for fitness business owners. Without these tools you will likely spend much more time managing billing and memberships.

Smart business management tools can also help to improve your member experience, allowing your customers to easily access key information such as online membership renewals, online class bookings, and virtual workout sessions.

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