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2020 continues to be a tough year for the Australian small business community. Here at BizCover, we saw our customers struggling to keep their doors open and so did what we could to help defer their insurance payments, thereby keeping their livelihoods and their small businesses protected during the pandemic. 

We are also using this time to feature some of our customers in the hopes we can get the word out about the awesome work they do and turn some heads their way. 

We spoke to co-owners, Angus Carter and Redmund-Gawain Raymond Lyle-Royce Legassick-Godfrey about how their passion for fermented cabbage blossomed into a small business venture.  

The Kraut World Order crew are an eccentric bunch, so for authenticity’s sake, we have not edited their answers in this Q&A. Enjoy.   

To get started can you please give a brief description of your business? 

What started as an idea manifested into physical reality in late 2018. We began as a simple roadside stand selling cheeses, homemade pasta, bread, kimchi, hot sauces and sauerkraut. Since the end of 2019 we became a real business, primarily selling our sauerkraut to shops and supermarkets. We are changing what is known about fermentation and gut health and bringing new products and flavours the world has never seen before. As well as sharing the benefits of a healthy happy stomach biome. Our mission is to dominate the world, impregnate all of humanity’s gut biome with super delicious psycho healthy food and we will not stop until every mortal flesh being has converted to the KWO. #FermentTheWorld. 

What inspired you to start your business? 

We were sick of working full time in jobs we were not passionate about. Moving to part time was just to pay the bills and even though we had more time to ourselves we wanted to do something we cared about that had an impact on our community. So, for a good year we were jamming ideas out in our brains from the alternative energy healing work we do, to clothing, to food. Food is what really stuck with us. Angus has struggled with gut issues all his life and Redmund grew up with an eating disorder until he was 18. We are young guys and love health and wellness but also froth on good food and there’s so much terrible food out there. We wanted to create something that tasted OH so good that was like crack on a plate but was super healthy for your body. Thus, the KRAUT WORLD ORDER was born. 

What is your favourite thing about your job? 

We love creating new connections with people, our customers and supermarkets/shop owners. Getting in the kitchen to create our food feels great, as well as promoting our brand. Join the Kraut World Order and become #KWOke. Open your third eye and your guts to us and we’ll teach the new way of peace and harmony through world domination! 

What’s your secret to keeping your customers coming back for more? 

Ancient secrets and the occult are our universe. We would be very careful not to share to those who might go blind, deaf or mute at the prospect of experiencing the mysterious mysteries we discombobulate in our citadel under candlelight when Venus is in retrograde. But to be short and sweet, it is the simple yet moreish flavours and crunchy texture of our kraut which gets deep into your mouth and strokes your sensations til you reach that sublime higher state of consciousness. That is what the h00mans froth on. Our branding sticks out to the mortal eyes and they can witness something beyond their five senses and they know they must have it. 

How has COVID-19 impacted operations and what did you do to keep things going during the pandemic? 

It has been grave times indeed, the outbreak hath cost us dearly but as we are harmonious gut bacteria, we adapted to change in the environment. In some ways it came at a good time as we were ready to expand beyond the Byron Shire towards the Gold Coast and had only just managed to stock our regulars with enough product. Since we sell direct to shops and supermarkets, our sales plateaued and it gave us a good projection to see how they sell in an economic downturn. Since it’s a health product, we believe this will only put us in a better position as taking care of your body is a priority in these dangerous times. 

Lastly, what advice would you give to someone looking to start their own business? 

Just do it. Have a crack, get stuck in there. Our business started from $20 dollars. We had a good idea and new group of niche flavours and branding. In my opinion starting a business truly is a beneficial crazy learning curve and great gift in life. For anyone who doesn’t know anything about business and just has an idea to jump on, I’d recommend the NEIS program. You learn a great deal of useful information and it has been a solid foundation for our business to build on. From sales to marketing to social media and branding. Lastly, things… take… time! There is no rush to become self-sufficient within a month or three. Your business is your baby. Giving it time and space to grow will facilitate a smoother and joyful experience for yourself. 


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