How to Stay Connected During COVID-19   

2020 sure has thrown a spanner in the works, especially when it comes to running a small business. Face-to-face opportunities to connect with customers, suppliers and participating in networking events may be on hold for now but there’s still ways to stay connected during these trying times. 

From virtual meetings to inspiring social media content, we share some of the best ways to stay connected in business during COVID-19. 

Keeping customers 

They are your bread and butter and one of the reasons you stay in business. Staying connected with your customers is vital and can still be achieved through the power of the internet.  

Here are some ways you can keep connected: 

  • Communicate through online communities. Many businesses have created virtual communities to stay in contact with their customers. Ben Walker, the CEO of Transcription Outsourcing, has invested in keeping in touch with his VIP and loyal clients by creating a message board through social organisation tool Slack. He says:

We have an online message board where people communicate freely about work-related matters and stuff outside of it. It is more of a (virtual) friendship, apart from professional engagement.

  • Offer discounts to locals/emergency workers. It is a small way to say thanks to those that work and serve your local area. It helps to not only promote your brand to build trust and loyalty to your business.
  • Share a reallife story with how your business is adapting to give a human side to your business. 
  • Use social media. It is one of the easiest ways to interact with your customers and can be done across multiple channels. The flexibility of social media means any industry can use it as part of their marketing strategy.  

Owner of DC Concrete, Dominic Calabro shares how social media helps their business stay connected with their customers. 

“Despite being essential workers in construction, COVID has definitely impacted and inspired how we connect with our customers. During this period, we have taken the opportunity to build our online presence, work on social media and use digital to connect with both residential and civil clients. This shift will last long beyond the pandemic and is proving successful in both new contacts and existing client engagement. A tradies silver lining during a challenging time! 

The new way to network  

It is fair to say that face-to-face conferences and networking events might be on hold for the interim, but there is still plenty of ways to connect online. While it may not be quite the same, it is still an opportunity to interact and network with others. 

Here are some ways to keep the lines of communication open: 

  • Stay in touch with partners, coworkers, mentors and potential clients. Whether it is via email or picking up the phone to have a chat, starting a conversation is a meaningful way to remind people you are still in business.  
  • Reach out and ask people in your network what you can do for them? Not only is it rewarding to be able to assist others along their business path but it is an opportunity to make new connections.  
  • Make the time to personalise your connection when reaching out. Ask how others are coping and what is working well for them. Keep your messaging human and not like a pre-recorded message. 

Host a virtual event that is not a typical Zoom meeting by inviting your co-workers or others in your network to have some fun. Ideas for events include virtual bingo, trivia, fancy dress, to name a few. 

We value our small business community at BizCover and would love to hear if you have some top tips on how you are staying connected during COVID-19. Leave us a line in the comments section below.

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