Hop to it! Find your business motivation this Easter break with these tips (Part 2)

This week we explore part 2 of our Easter Motivation special, where more small business owners open up and share their tips, tricks and wisdom on staying motivated. Read on find your motivational mojo! 


Jacinta Richmond, Founder and Director of the Sunshine Coast International Fashion Festival 

What has kept you motivated running your own business? 

My passion for discovering potential, whether it be a team member, a designer, a venue, a model. If I see the potential in someone of something, I cannot stop myself from doing what I can to help them fulfil their potential.
Self-education. The more I read or the more conferences and learning opportunities I attend, the more I take away to implement and the more I get motivated. 

Taking time out. The more often I take time out to not think about business, the more inspired and motivated I become by ideas that I then have the head space to “pop in” to my mind, or by something I read while I am relaxing.

Favourite resources for motivation?
1. Business Blueprint
2. Robin Sharma
3. Netflix documentaries

Allan Dib, Owner of Successwise  

Do you stick to a certain routine that helps to keep you motivated? 

Loving what I do is what gets me up and out of bed early every morning, but I do like to front-load my week. My energy levels are much higher on a Monday than on a Thursday and Friday. So, I’ll jam pack the first few days of my week, working up to 12 hours a day and then cut back significantly on a Thursday and Friday, sometimes only working 4 hours a day. By doing this I stay motivated, I make the most of my productivity, and I’m more efficient in what I do.  

It also helps that I get to work with a variety of clients from across the globe. They’re in vastly different fields, so no day is ever the same, and each client brings new and unique challenges for me to overcome. 



Janelle Bridges, Owner of  Wooshka Photobooths 

What motivational resources would you recommend to other small business owners?  

Making friends not competition within your industry. We are fiercely competitive, but we have made a number of friends out of our competitors. The ability to share leads and ideas, as well as offload about certain situations has been paramount to our continued success and motivation.  




Mylene Gagne, Smart Solutions 

How does your business implement motivation within the workplace? 

For Smart Solutions, motivation is the synonym of teamwork. We believe that a dedicated and passionate team is the foundation of productivity…And well there can’t be any productivity without motivation. It’s all about our well-balanced work schedule. Taking time in the morning to check-in on colleagues, asking questions, collaborating and making sure that nobody is left behind. 


Joshua Lewis, Owner of Dorks Delivered 

What are your top 4 ways you stay motivated as a small business owner? 

  1. Set Goals– This means setting small goals, medium goals and big goals. The small goals can be something as simple as, what am I going to do today? What am I going to have for breakfast? Don’t make the goals to hard, make it something that you can achieve, and make it something that you might not have done the day before.  
  1. Break Up Your Day– For our business I’m in front of a computer for long hours every, so to motivate me and to get my mind pumping, I look doing other things. Maybe I’ll go outside and plant some plants, or I could do something as simple as just running around with the music up a bit louder and just listening to the music and having a bit of a dance! 
  1. Change Your Mindset– Changing your mindset on the way that you are looking at the problem is really important, and that’s why just getting up, having a dance, going for a run, planting a plant, doing something different that steps you outside of the world that you’re in and the job you’re focusing on, changes your mindset, changes everything. 
  1. Lists Are Awesome– If you’ve got a list of things that may be in your business where you need to do your bookkeeping, you can categorise that. The fun and funky stuff is kind of creative and doing the invoicing thing can somewhat be creative, but you can make into these lists where you have the tasks that are draining, and then you can have the tasks that are creative and that lets you sort of think out of the box 

  Any words of wisdom you like to share with fellow small business owners? 

A dream wrote down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, and a plan backed by action makes your dreams come through. Think about that and start writing your lists.  

We hope you have enjoyed this series and feel a wave of motivation for the Easter break. If you’re feeling motivated to refresh your business insurances, the BizCover team is only a few clicks or a phone call away, where you can access multiple quotes from Australia’s top insurers and receive your certificate instantly.  

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