Handpicked Episode 5: “Am I Growing Too Fast?”

Handpicked episode 5 is all about growing your business sustainably.

When it comes to scaling a startup, where should one invest their time and resources?

Naomi guides Andrew Markwell through the challenges of expanding his hydroponics business. As Andrew grapples with the dilemma of whether or not to seek seed funding, Naomi points out the robust support systems available for startups in Victoria, and encourages a consultation with relevant organisations.

The conversation also explores the most productive ways a business owner can leverage their most precious resource – time. Naomi urges Andrew to prioritise tasks that promote sustainable scalability, instead of getting caught in the hamster wheel of day-to-day urgencies. Instead, Naomi advises Andrew to seek support when needed, and even introduces the prospect of getting a business partner.

Under Naomi’s guidance and BizCover’s protection, Andrew is all set to cultivate success and sustainability in his hydroponics venture.

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